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Mon, May

Attorney Shon Cook - Navigating Legal Issues Today

Muskegon Metro Area News

We're incredibly thankful for our partnership with Attorney Shon Cook in Whitehall and her support of our work here and on Positively Muskegon and the other properties we publish.  She's been with us since almost the beginning and today, she's dropping by to share some thoughts on the legal world as well as what's happening with the courts in the jurisdictions she practices in.  


Shon was one of the first to mobilize when the closures started happening and realized quickly that with everything coming to a halt the way it was....her profession was going to be seeing a back up of immense proportion for a long time to come and that some quick thinking among she and her colleagues would be in the best interest of all to make things flow as quickly and easily for everyone from their clients to the people filing paperwork when things get back to "business as usual".  Dedicated professionals coming together to serve their clients was first.  How does the legal world react to help those in need?  Amazingly.  Next, implementation of technology.  Video conferencing, phones, emails and etc. shon cook officeFollow Shon Cook Law on Facebook

Working to provide mediation and resolution ahead of time to prevent the log jam down the line.  Staying in touch with clients when it comes to things like parenting time.  How to help in custody cases in the time of COVID 19.  All remarkable curve balls thrown at the legal world...but all finding resolution with the help of Shon, and attorney's like her who are dedicated to their clients needs.  The legal world doesn't come to a stand still either because of the virus.  People are going to need some help and while other's have taken the time to stay home and stay safe as recommended, Shon and her firm are continually working via all of the digital assets they have to help their current and future clients.

Shon is an expert in alternative dispute resolution.  Meaning she's going to help you find a way to get things settled long before you ever have to enter a courtroom.  It's a money and time saving way to handle legalites.  With mediation, arbitration and collabrative law services the legal process can be made to be much easier with the right help which you'll find.  Her office also handles criminal defense with Eric Stevens in both state and federal courts. 

Shon was able to find a few minutes to talk with Andy O today about what's going on in the courts at the moment and how things are slowly but surely starting to move again.  Take a listen.  





Legal issues come up.  Life is full of things no one planned for and to know that Shon and those in her line of work that are so forward thinking and so incredibly proactive in their work jumped up on the wheel and got things moving on their end to help their clients and help their system be as efficient as it can be is a breath of fresh air.  If you are in need of an attorney and looking for an awesome practice, look no further than Shon Cook in Whitehall.  Not only because she's a sponsor of our work and we believe wholeheartedly in supporting those who support us....local small business sticking together....but Shon has done work directly for Andy O's family and she's incredible.  Caring, compassionate and driven to help her clients every way she can.  Visit Shon's site below and learn more about ways she can help you in the legal world. 

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