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It was something no one saw coming.  A pandemic the scale we are seeing and the shut down that even took away the bowling alleys.  I mean, the bowling alleys?  Close down the bottle and can returns.  Close down the bingo halls....but the bowling alleys?  We're only human!!  Come on!!  All kidding aside, all the measures being taken are more than any ever imagined, but to stop the spread and save lives...desperate times call for desperate measures.  But...the world has not stopped turning, and the need to help great organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore Continues.  


Bowl For Kids Sake is the biggest annual fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore.  Generally bringing in $35k-$40k and since the avenue for the event was impossible this year, there's a big gap in funding for BBBS and many other non profits in the area who plan their events in the late winter, early spring.  Even if things magically open back up in the near future, trying to reschedule an event in an already overcrowded schedule of other events is nearly impossible as there are only so many dollars to go around at any given point.  It's brought about a very unique, and very serious issue for a lot of the traditional fundraising community across the country, and probably planet. 

vbowlClick Here to Bowl for Kids Sake

BBBS took a very proactive role however!  Let's bowl at home!  Bowl for Kids Sake has gone virtual this year thanks to the Southwest Michigan Chapter of the organization.  They came up with a fun way for you to participate in a donation based approach to not only fill some time while we're all in quarantine, but if you'd like you can make a donation to the cause and help fund the programs they have in place that help guide so many young people who might not otherwise have the proper mentor they need in their lives.

Robin Hard is the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore and she took a few minutes today to join Andy O to talk about the virtual Bowl for Kids Sake, how you can participate and how BBBS is adapting to meet the needs of their youth as well as mentors with all we are facing today.  Take a listen. 


Fun, with a side of important. And! No kids begging for quarters for the skill crane!  Everyone can't wait for normal to be back...bowling alleys for sure, but for now...we can all do a small part to help Big Borthers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore with a little virtual bowling fun!  You can follow the link above to go virtual bowling, or if you'd like to know more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lakeshore, visit their website by clicking below!

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