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Norton Shores Public Safety Millage Renewal Request May 5th

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In the middle of a storm in life, you want assured safety.  It's all anyone really wants really and in what we're facing now, safety is paramount on every level.  We're flooded with all of the messaging about COVID, but it's essential too, to remember that the overall safety of our communities and our homes are important too and our first responders need the support to do their jobs on a daily basis.  We can all stand around and applaud first responders at the end of their shift, or we can make sure that through our votes we give them the essentials they need to do the jobs they do for us.


May 5th, voters in Norton Shores are being asked to renew the public safety millage.  That's right... renew.  Meaning it's not an increase in anyway, it's a request to keep funding the police and firs services for one of the largest municipalities in Muskegon County.  Not only are the NSPD and NSFD on the watch over the homes and business in the area, but think of the miles of roads, including freeways they have to look over as well as the water ways, shopping districts, gigantic school system and more.  Norton Shores is a large municipality as well as a key economic center of Muskegon County.  Sustaining services is essential to the well-being of the entire community. nsfd patchVisit the Norton Shores Website to Learn More About the Renewal Request

Not a dime in increase.  What's being asked, is simply to maintain what's there.  Which comes down to about $100 bucks per $100k value in your home.  Now, to put that into perspective....if your $100k home caught fire....and it cost you $100 bucks to get the crew on hand to put it out, you'd be happy to cough up the Benjamin wouldn't you?  Same for the police protection and other services.  Essential to say the very least and to maintain what's needed, compared to a while ago when staffing had to be cut, and there was a great deal of concern about the level of safety and service that could be provided before this current millage came along in 2011.  

All of this millage has to go specifically to fund public safety.  There's a dedicated fund in the city budget for public safety and it can go nowhere else.  This is also the easiest time ever to vote in an election as everything is being voted on via absentee vote and you don't even have to go to a polling location to get your say in.  Some, have voted already for the May 5th election.

Fire Chief Robert Gagnon joined Andy O today to talk about the request to sustain the millage in Norton Shores and to answer any question that might arise.  It's been a very busy time for the Chief as he's been heading up a response team for the region when it comes to supplies for the COVID response.  He's been putting in 12 hour days, 7 days a week, but needed to share the essentials of this request.  Take a listen. 


It's simple.  We ask the tough stuff of our police and fire services.  In return, they ask for what they need to do the job.  What we have going on now is a whirlwind of problems but it's only temporary and what's needed here is long term assurance for all.  For the public, safety in the fact that when we need to make the call, they are there.  For police and fire, they have the tools and manpower to get the job done.  All the thank you's and messages of appreciation are awesome...but speak to them honestly and tell them that you have their back in return for all they do with your vote when a need is presented in Norton Shores, or any area seeking help with their public safety millage.  There's a fact sheet below.  Take a look.

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