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Saturday's With Shon- Some Great Legal Advice From Attorney Shon Cook

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We're all sharing a little more today.  We've got our areas of expertise and we can apply them as needed be it in the form of helping one way or another.  Some are helping in delivery of food for kids and seniors, others are working to help maintain the most essential services like grocery's, medicine and information.  In some way or another, we've all become "essential workers" and while we're inching our way back to "normal" we're seeing more in ourselves than we ever imagined. 


Pitching in comes from every level and we're fortunate here at the Muskegon Channel to have a sponsor like Shon Cook.  She's an Attorney in Whitehall who's practice focuses on family law, criminal law and representation for real people.  She's passionate about her work for her clients and she's also a champion for making sure that if there are questions out there about things in the legal world, they get answered.  When all of the COVID stuff started hitting, Shon and her team were on it immediately to make sure that the process kept moving.  Innovating ways to serve clients with digital meetings, phone consultations and more.  She spread the word quickly through the legal world too and others followed her example.  Working to make sure when things do get back to what the courts do normally, the "log jam" would be as limited as it could be.

Shon, called and offered a service!  She asked about the idea of some "Legal Brief's" for Muskegon Channel viewers.  How could she offer some great advise on legal stuff and help?  The response... "Um...YA!  Who wouldn't want that?"  How to you top some free legal knowledge?

So, in the first week, Shon explains child support in the time of COVID.  Incomes are fluctuating.  On both those who pay child support and those who receive it.  There has also been a surprise to some that their stimulus money that was expected didn't come because they were behind on the support.  Shon explains it all as well as what the courts are doing now, as well as how you can get help with child support if you need it.  Take a listen.


It's a tough time on anyone and to add legal issues in the mix, might make it tougher.  Shon's advice is great but of course, if you need specific help on an issue, seeking qualified legal help is paramount.  We're very thankful for Shon's firm and their belief in us.  We highly recommend them for your legal services.  You can visit Shon's website by clicking below to schedule an appointment if you need one. 

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