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Saturday's With Shon - More Great Legal Advice From Attorney Shon Cook

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With a sponsor offering to spend a little time with the audience to help with some pretty savvy legal advice, you say "absolutely" and get the camera rolling!  Shon Cook is an Attorney practicing in Whitehall and she's in the thick of it like we all are and offering some pretty sage advice for people in a time when we're all kind of focused on anything but what the legal system is doing.  Some adaptations have been made, but legal processes continue and people need the help of judges, lawyers, mediators, arbitrators and more.  

Last week, Shon spent some time explaining child support in the time of COVID.  There was a LOT of information about what's happening with everything going on.  Especially when it comes to income adjustments due to job loss or furlough and how the courts are handling things.  If you missed last weeks episode, CLICK HERE to visit that page and learn what she has to offer. scfbShon Cook Law on Facebook

This week, we're on to parenting time.  For some, it's already a struggle.  For others, it's a matter of sharing their child between their respective residences and there's not much more to it.  For those who do have a hard time, the troubles run deep.  Right down to what socks the kid is wearing at who's house.  Add in the invisible threat of COVID-19 and you can see in no short order that things can get heated, really quick making an already tense situation even harder on everyone, especially the child. The courts are clear on parenting time with few exceptions.  Shon shares the knowledge she's got and explains the in's and out's of parenting time on Saturday's With Shon, on The Muskegon Channel.







Always a delicate situation and never easy.  Shon's advice and knowledge is given on general terms and specific needs of people needing legal help should be addresses on an individual basis.  Shon and her staff are experts in Family and Criminal Law and offer representation for real people,  The are also incredible at alternative dispute resolution, offering mediation, arbitration and collaborative law services that can help you settle the issue and maybe avoid courts all together.  Shon and her staff are working remotely at this time but were among the very first in the State of Michigan to start working with their clients on digital platforms and making sure that their clients not only had the up to the minute information they needed, but that they had the easiest time of getting their situations resolved when the courts do begin working at full speed, the time it takes for resolution will be much shorter.  Do you need legal help?  Shon is only a click away!  You can visit her website by clicking below or call 231-894-0909.  Next week, Shon will talk about divorce.

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