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Some Good Deeds Are Noticed - A Surprise From Michigan Coastal Credit Union and A Car Parade Coming Up

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Muskegon is up on the wheel and making things happen.  For some, it's a new thing and for others, it's kind of what they do day in and day out.  Do us one favor, and remember where The Muskegon Channel got it's start...a little blog called Positively Muskegon where we found folks who were doing pretty remarkable things and making life better in their own way, day by day for all of us here in town.  It's the premise that what we do as individuals all contributes to us as a community and that our greatness is defined by all of us.  We've carried that notion over to The Muskegon Channel as well. 

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Everyone's passions are important and last week, Bonnie Nolan got a hold of Andy to see if he could help spread the word about a drive by parade that was going to happen at Chestnut Fields Senior Living Center on Thursday May 21st.  The line up for the parade is at 1p in the Sears parking lot in the Lakes Mall and the parade is happening at 2.  Seems easy enough and it seems too that we're far enough along in all this mess that people understand safety precautions, distancing and more over...some people are really getting an understanding of loneliness, especially those who are restricted on visitors in assisted living centers.  So, sure...let's help promote a parade.

As the conversation with Bonnie went on, she talked about how she's helping fill her days furloughed from her work at Welcome Wagon by helping out.  Her church gave her the idea that Curry Kitchen on 3rd Street in Midtown Muskegon was doing something remarkable and they could use a hand.  Since the beginning of the shut down, Curry Kitchen and Naan Pizza has been feeding hundreds of people if they are able to pay or not.  They have an option of a chicken or vegetarian dish and Raj who owns Curry Kitchen is pumping out meal after meal to make sure those that are food insecure are not going hungry in his community.  Bonnie is helping get the food packaged up and out the door to those who need a hand.  

All the gears are turning and Muskegon is doing what Muskegon does best.  There's a twist though.  Sometimes, when word gets out about something amazing happening, others want to help too.  Enter, Michigan Coastal Credit Union.  When Michigan Coastal Credit Union heard what Curry Kitchen was doing, without hesitation the instructions were clear.  "Cut them a check!" 

Bonnie had no idea what was to come when we talked, but...she found out when she thought she was just checking in to get the word out about the car parade...which by the way, is still what we're here to promote.  Take a listen.


Amazing thing to be a part of.  We're very thankful for what's happening here.  It's a cascading effect of generosity in a community that really needs it now more than ever.  A recap of what's gone on.  A woman wanted to cheer up some senior citizens and give car clubs a reason to drive.  Her quiet charity behind the scenes to help someone helping others led to someone else taking notice and then, saying "Yes, we want to be part of that....here's what we can do."  A restaurant keeps working, those without, well, they won't be and an unsuspecting hero is found in the middle of all of it.  Truly, a heartwarming story and truly what makes Muskegon home. 

To learn more about Michigan Coastal Credit Union, please visit their website by clicking below.  

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