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Do You Have Flooding Issues? Muskegon County Needs Input For Help

Muskegon Metro Area News

Like everything today isn't enough, Muskegon is once again seeing record high water levels and it's effecting more than just the Lake Michigan Shoreline.  There is widespread flooding in a lot of areas of the county and there has been an emergency declared by Muskegon County Officials to try and help get some aid in from the Government.


One critical part of getting the aid, is getting a handle on who's been effected and how.  This means that information needs to be gathered and that the Emergency Managers Office of Muskegon County is in need of your help to get this done quickly.

There is a short survey.  It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to fill out and the information collected is essential to all to help get things moving to assist in the flooding.

Please, if you've been effected by the recent flooding, click on the photo below and fill out this information for Muskegon County so the process can move along quickly and relief can come.  

Click on the photo to begin.    

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