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The Muskegon Channel Partners With Muskegon County for the 2020 Census

Muskegon Metro Area News

We're very excited for the opportunity to help spread the word in Muskegon County about the importance of the 2020 Census for all of us.  It's a partnership that was proposed by Muskegon County because of one thing.  Our reach and growth has grown because of you, our audience and we could not be more thankful.  From day one, our goal has been very simple.  We're here to provide a reliable and relevant resource for Muskegon with news, entertainment and to feature the people of our community in a different way than we usually see.  We're a little non traditional in our approach, we don't rely on the "click bait" that seems to permeate "news" today and we do our best to steer away from issues that only cause one reaction.  Not to say that if something important that needs to be discussed isn't, but we'll take a little lower key approach and let both sides tell their story, and let the viewer decide.  We've also seen some pretty dramatic growth in who's watching as we've spread out to things like Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more.  The internal question stands.  "How do we show our community for the greatness we know, and how do we extend that message out to the rest of the world"?  That's what we operate on.


With that, we have some work to do.  The 2020 Census is essential for everyone in Muskegon County to fill out.  The simplest of explanations is this.  It's 9 questions.  It will take you 10 minutes.  Your answers, and returned form, mean $18,000 for our community.  You can respond online, by phone or by mail.  2020 Logo Census IN BOX Shape Your Future Blue PreferredClick Here to Complete the 2020 Census in 10 Minutes   

Think of all we have to work so hard for in Muskegon.  Funding of our schools.  Making sure that our programs for senior citizens and kids are secure.  How about the essential money for your local governments to take care of things around town?  All of these funds are allocated by census data.  We can go up a level too.  As it stands, Michigan could lose a seat in the US Congress from 2018 data.  Not a Democrat or Republican thing....just a count the people thing.  Housing programs, both urban and rural depend on this information.  Drug treatment and prevention programs depend on this data.  Public transportation?  We know we need help there.  It's essential data for all of us and your end of the bargain is 10 minutes of time.

The census is private.  No information is shared or sold.  There are no "intrusive" questions about you or your personal stuff.  It's a simple, easy task and in a time where we're all busy labeling "hero's", and very rightly so, it's your chance to be just that.

Over the coming weeks, the goal is to bring local leaders on with us to describe exactly what the impact will have for your local community. We've sent a letter out to every corner of the county with an invitation to our local leaders to give them the floor and let them explain what's needed and why, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, Andy took to Facebook Live for a chat last night about this project and to announce our participation.  Take a listen if you missed it. 


Excited. That's for sure.  As mentioned.  In Muskegon, we have to work so much harder than anyone else.  We work our tails off for what matters to us and we find ways to get it done.  We always do and the challenge goes out to anyone to find a community that does it better.  The 2020 Census is a quick and easy way to help assure that all of our efforts are amplified by getting what we have coming to us by way of federal money that we've already paid in.  It's ours, it should come back to us to help with all that matters to us and to make that happen, it requires all of us to spend 10 minutes, answering 9 questions.  Let's do it Muskegon.