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Saturday's With Shon - Eric Stevens Speaks on Those Arrested and Incarcerated Currently

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Attorney Shon Cook in Whitehall supports the work we do at the Muskegon Channel and our other publications and for that, we're very thankful.  In this time where sometimes answers are hard to find about just about anything, finding out what's happening in the legal system now is paramount.  Things are beginning to even out a little, however there are still a lot of changes happening week to week, day to day, and ever hour to hour and having knowledgeable and qualified help is essential right now more than ever.  scfbShon Cook Law on Facebook

Today, Eric Stevens who specializes in criminal law for Shon's practice, visits with Andy again.  He's here today to speak on what happens if someone is arrested in today's day and age or incarcerated.  The process is still moving, however there are some things you need to be aware of.  From arraignment to court dates and the use of Zoom and even into the use of YouTube to make sure that courtroom proceedings are still available under the Freedom of Information Act.  For those incarcerated.  The process is the same, however there are no jury trials allowed until mid June at the earliest.  Can bond be reviewed?  What are the options to try and move priority trials up and around?  It's a huge list of moving pieces as work goes on to try and find ways to make things happen while things are kind of working, and kind of not working.  Adaptation isn't easy.

Specific needs for an attorney client relationship can't be addressed in this discussion.  This is general information for those who need it and as you'll hear Eric reference a few times, if you are in need, make the call to an Attorney.  A missed Zoom meeting or phone call, a failed attempt to show up at the court house because you didn't get your mail or hear about what you are expected to do in the process can lead to even bigger headaches for everyone involved and no one wants that. 

Take a listen to our talk today with Attorney Eric Stevens of the Shon Cook Law Firm.




Eric is a very knowledgeable attorney and works hard to serve his clients with dignity and respect as an individual.  If charged with a crime, you have the same rights now as you do any other time and proper representation now is more crucial than ever to help avoid making a bad situation worse by not understanding what's going on in the world of the court system.  We highly recommend a call to Shon or Eric for your legal needs at 231-894-0909 for all matters Family Law or Criminal Law.  You can also contact Shon and Eric via the website lined in the photo below.  We'd like to once again thank Eric for his very gracious gift of time to help explain all of this for the audience of The Muskegon Channel.

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