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The 2020 Census - Muskegon Heights City Manager Troy Bell Shares Some Facts

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We announced last week that we're partnering with Muskegon County to help get the word out about the importance of the 2020 Census for all of us here in the county.  It's as simple as answering 9 questions, it will take you no more than 10 minutes and the impact it will have on your municipality as well as our community as a whole is $18,000.00 for the services we need, the programs we love and the people who need to be taken care of.  It can't be explained easier than that.  Everything that comes this way from federal dollars over the next 10 years depends on this information as does how we are represented in Washington.  Your role in it is 10 minutes.  

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After an incredible weekend in Muskegon Heights with the awesome turn out of the community for the free COVID testing, we figured we'd start right there with a new face in town and get some ideas of what we're talking about here when it comes to money.  Troy Bell is the new City Manager of Muskegon Heights and while I have not had a chance to get over to meet Troy personally as he's begun his tenure here due to the circumstance we're in but we did meet up online to talk about the state of the "City of Friendly People" and how he's adjusting to home.  Like any other community, money...it's not the easiest to come up with and Muskegon Heights, with 11,000 or so residents that are there and $18,000 per resident....the quick math says that's $198,000,000.00  Think of what that kind of money can do in Muskegon Heights?  Think of what that kind of money not coming into Muskegon Heights can do?  

Troy talks about some of the initiatives that are happening now in Muskegon Heights.  They are in the process of adding to public safety.  30 new police officers are being sought.  Of course, there are the standards like roads and infrastructure and how about some real innovation, with Ring Doorbells?  Something being innovated for the first time right here in Muskegon Heights!  A new solar project is coming to help bring down costs for the city and there are a lot of great things to come.  As Troy points out, there are plenty of slug lines in and around town....and the Heights has one too... "Set Sights on the New Heights".  Great things to come!  Take a listen to Troy about the census, and find out how your 9 questions in 10 minutes can help!


Exciting stuff! Easy stuff for you to help with!  We can all do bake sales and spaghetti dinners to benefit schools, we can vote for millage's and bond proposals.  The easiest way we can assure Muskegon Heights and the rest of Muskegon County gets it's share is to be counted, and the 2020 Census is how that happens!   Click on the logo below and get started.  You will be done in 10 minutes and you'll be bringing in $18,000 bucks!

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