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Xfinity On Demand Presents School Year 2020 On Demand - How Your School Can Participate

Muskegon Metro Area News

We've long shared that we rely on the service we have from Comcast/Xfinity to help get our publishing's into your hands.  We're customers of Comcast just like anyone else, we are mass consumers for sure with all of our web content, our radio stream, our Roku and Amazon Fire TV options and even Channel 96 which we offer both on television and on demand.  We're thankful for the working relationship we have with them and we do get news from time to time that is valuable for all and we've shared it with you!


When the COVID problem began, Comcast made available all of their hot spots to anyone.  They also opened up a lot of programming to customers to help relieve the boredom that "staying home and staying safe" could generate.  They have worked to keep everyone connected in a time when the ability to pay might need a little flexibility and they too have implemented ways to make sure that their services keep coming into your home or business with little or no interruption while keeping you, your family and their employees safe.  It's a monumental task to do, but they found a way and they continue to set the standard. SY2020 RGB BlackClick Here to Begin The Submission Process 

With that, they also have seen the need for some things to be..well, "seen".  The 2020 school year was a hiccup to say the least.  All of the great events that take place from sports to graduations, honors assemblies and more...they are all being done in unique and fun ways and with the Xfinity On Demand platform, your school can be shown off to everyone!  If you are creating the content, like video taping the graduation ceremony that is accompanied by a drive up for the diploma or maybe it's your school's Principal and his thoughts to the graduating class....Xfinity wants you to submit that for their 2020 School Year Showcase!  

There's a submission process.  Unfortunately, Comcast can't help with the creation of the project, but once you've seen what's involved and are ready to showcase what's been done, it's a pretty simple thing.  You have until the end of August to submit the programming.  Rob Ponto is with Comcast/Xfinity here in Michigan and joined me today to talk about this really fun way to "be on tv" if you'd like to take advantage of it, take a listen.






Cool huh?  Let those cameras roll and let's see the best there is on Muskegon on the Xfinity On Demand platform.  It's been a crazy year for sure for all of our teachers and students, so here's the chance to celebrate "on tv" with all of their accomplishments.  The link to begin the submitting process is above and if you'd like to know more about Comcast/Xfinity and their outreach during the COVID outbreak, click on their logo below.

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