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Saturday's With Shon - Eric Stevens on Courts Re-Opening

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It's been a terrific partnership with the Law Offices of Shon Cook here on the Muskegon Channel and one we've been very fortunate to have.  The ability to put you together with legal professionals that can offer advice on a number of topics from family law to the criminal courts and the intricacies of them in regular times, let alone a time when the world seems to be in a bit of chaos is priceless and speaks volumes of the care that goes in to the work Shon and her staff put in to everyone they work with. shon headshotShon Cook Law on Facebook

We've discussed things in weeks past like parenting time, divorce, arrest and incarceration and other legal issues.  Today, Attorney Eric Stevens returns to speak on the eventual reopening of the courts and what's going to have to take place for that to happen safely.  It's not going to be an easy process, just like we are seeing everywhere else.  There are very specific safety guidelines that have to be met and benchmarks along the way that can effect the entire process.  It's all about safety and in a setting like courts, so much has to be taken in to consideration.  Things like social distancing for juries, safety of anyone entering the court house, safety of the staff, procedure and best practices that will have to adapt.  It's an undertaking of a monumental proportion and it's step by step, with possible road blocks.

Eric joined Andy O to talk about some of the specifics and what's to come in the next few weeks.  Jury trials right now are not even scheduled to begin until mid June which gives you an indication of the care and caution that's going in to what it takes to restart the courts as close to what we are accustomed to.  Take a listen. 



It's a mountain to climb for everyone.  Most don't look forward to the courts very much to begin with and patience and understanding will go a long way when it comes to making sure that as the process begins, we all work together and try to be as understanding as we can for each other.  One thing is for sure, having knowledgeable attorneys like Eric Stevens and Shon Cook who have been at the very leading edge of all of this change, adaptation and innovation since the beginning of the pandemic is something everyone needs.  We are so thankful for their sponsorship of our work, and their willingness to share their knowledge, experience and understanding with our audience.  If you need an attorney, you can access the Law Offices of Shon Cook by clicking on the photo below to visit her website.

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