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Arbor Circle - Total Trek Quest - Program For Boys Grades 3-5

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Interactive and beneficial programs for young people.  There has been a lot of rethinking, retooling, digitizing, Zooming and most of all...missing what's "normal".  The one thing that's not missing is the need to provide a safe environment for kids to learn, grow, ask questions and be among peers who are sharing the same time of life they are and trying to understand what's to come as they start to transition from being kids, to teens..then young adults...then on to adulthood.  There are plenty of ways we all pitch in, and yes there are lots of different avenues to take but with all that Zooming...there's a little piece of it all that's different.  Not necessarily missing, but..different. arbor circleLearn More About Arbor Circle

With things being a little different, and flashing back to all that rethinking and retooling, Vicki Kavanaugh wanted to take a moment to talk about something that's going on at Arbor Circle that can be very beneficial for boys.  It's a program called "Total Trek Quest" (TTQ).  Designed for boys in the 3rd to 5th grade, an age when middle school is rapidly approaching and some of life's biggest pressures begin to come into play, TTQ offers some pretty great life skills that if taught and understood early, can lead to a lifetime of good things for boys.  Making healthy choices, building up resilience and coping skills and strengthening mental health.  it's a 9 week program and there is actually a bit of a rainbow in the clouds here...since we're in all that "Zooming", a physical location for the groups...not really needed.  Arbor Circle has adapted the curriculum, the meetings, the support options for parents as well as the activities for the young people all to meet our times and anyone anywhere can participate. 

It all culminates in a virtual 5k for the boys to run.....wait....that sounds kind of familiar....it's a great pay off for the kids as well as a way to keep them physically active and maybe give them a first taste of that endorphin rush instead of a nicotine rush for their first experience.  I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be for that.  There's a $25 registration fee per child, but Arbor Circle has plenty of way to help with a scholarship if need be for your son to participate if some help is needed.

As mentioned, Vicki Kavanaugh is joining us again to talk about this pretty great program for the lads, take a listen and see if the investment of the 9 weeks is right for your boys! 


Sound like something your kids would benefit from? Let's get them signed up!!  Look, raising kids is hard!  If you can find the "how to" book anywhere, let us know will ya?  Arbor Circle is a non profit organization that helps people with those challenging things.  It's a tool for you to share with your kids on the tough stuff.  As we've talked before, talking about things that you may have not done so well with in the past or maybe your parents couldn't have the discussion with you about...well, ugh.  It's on all of us to give today's kids a little better than we got and a program like TTQ is there to help.  You can click on the image below to learn more, or get involved!!  Summer is going to need some activities for kids, and TTQ might be the perfect opportunity for them to not only learn, but have some fun and stay active doing it.


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