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2020 Census in Muskegon Charter Township - Jennifer Hodges Shares Some News

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We've partnered with Muskegon County to spread the word about the importance of the 2020 Census for our entire area and how your 10 minutes of time and 9 questions answered can bring $18,000.00 for your local community over the next 10 years.  It's a very simple, non intrusive process and the information collected stays private and benefits things like school funding, infrastructure, community programs and helps decide how we are represented in more than one level of government.  Simply put, it's the easiest way to assure that our local communities get what we are entitled to for the things we need and want.  

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Muskegon is no stranger to having to work a little more than others when it comes to getting what we need.  All of our local municipalities, their public safety needs, the school districts within them, funding for their public works and more..it all adds up so quick and we're more than used to hearing that there will be a special vote for a millage or bond proposal.  Can't say it won't pop up again over the next 10 years, but with the added funding from the Census, well, hopefully we'd see a little less of that and a little more for all of the things we need.

We paid a "visit" to Jennifer Hodges who's the Supervisor in Muskegon Charter Township.  Jennifer reports that completion of the Census out her ways is going really well, above average in fact, but that shouldn't stop anyone from doing their part.  Like many of our other area governmental bodies, Muskegon Township has plenty on the horizon that needs to be taken care of and some things that are going on now that need to be maintained.  Muskegon Township holds two school districts, Reeths Puffer and Orchard View and as we've talked, school funding is so important in the Census.  Muskegon Township too, is the 3rd largest municipality in the county as well and growing!  The estimates are that there are in the ballpark of 18,000 residents there which is up 1000 from the last Census.  Multiply that by $18,000.00 per returned questionnaire.  We're talking bank for things like police cars, fire trucks, sewer repair and renewals, housing for the elderly and more.   

Take a listen to Jennifer and get the details on why it's so essential for you to take the 10 minutes to fill out the 9 questions in the 2020 Census. 


How can you do your part for the greater good?  it's as simple as you keep hearing from us.  9 questions.  10 minutes.  The 2020 Census is the key to making sure that every penny we pay in comes back to us for what's important in Muskegon and all parts of Muskegon.  Many thanks to Jennifer Hodges for her few minutes today.  As we chatted in the video...the race is on!  Who's municipality is going to come out on top with returns?  We'll keep on it!  If you have yet to fill out the 2020 Census.....click below and make the magic happen.


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