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It was an early morning get together at the City of Muskegon Heights Department of Public Works to "flip the switch" on a new era of innovation and savings for all in the City if Friendly People.  It's been a process of a few years since it all began and today was the very first day that clean, renewable energy will begin to serve the city and it's residents and all of us for that matter for the next 20 years as solar power came to life on top of the first building in the Heights. 


It's a project that once complete, will provide 47% of the electricity for city owned buildings and save the community approximately $100,000.  That's an awful lot of money that can go to much bigger things as Muskegon Heights has the gears turning on an entirely new narrative.  "Set Sights On the New Heights".  That feeling was alive and vibrant this morning as a small crowd of city officials, government representatives and local business leaders gathered for the ceremonies. Not only is the project creating clean renewable energy and savings, but it's also creating high wage and sustainable jobs for the area and educational opportunities for students and residents.  Once complete, the partnership between the city and Chart House Energy of Muskegon and New Energy Equity of Annapolis MD will host 645kw of solar systems on City properties.chart house 2Learn More About Chart House Energy

This is one of the first steps in the idea of "Set Sights On the New Heights",  They are already beginning an exciting program, a first of it's kind in the nation with Ring Doorbells to add security door to door on the streets and as they are working to add more police officers to the force and strengthening the community with positive direction and engagement with the citizens on a new level.  You can feel the traction building and you can see and hear first hand, through words and actions,,,great things are happening.

We were on hand for the ceremonial "Flip the Switch" event today.  We first talked to Troy Bell, the new City Manager of Muskegon Heights, about the project, then, we stuck around to share the thoughts of Mayor Walter Watt, Muskegon Heights Fire Chief Christopher Dean and the other dignitaries that were on hand.  Yes, our coverage is a little longer than most, but we're happy to show you the whole event as it unfolded on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Muskegon Heights.  Take a listen.  






Symbolic to a degree.  The night before the entire area was under heavy storms and even the morning, we're still in the midst of the COVID-19 stuff, but the drive and determination of the Muskegon Heights Community shines!  Leadership and innovation are key while protecting the identity and tradition of this great city and all of it's residents.  Sometimes, the biggest things happen in the most unsuspecting places and today, it just happened to be behind a DPW building in Muskegon Heights.  Set Sights On the New Heights?  Yes...that sounds like an incredible idea!  If you'd like to know more about the City of Muskegon Heights, you can visit their website by clicking below. 

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