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Saturday's With Shon - Eric Stevens Speaks on Possible Permanent Changes to the Court System

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We're at the end of the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order and things are going to be proceeding, hopefully with caution as we work our way back to some sort of normal.  It's been a very trying stretch of time on everyone and if you've needed help in the legal world, it's been invaluable advice from Shon Cook and her staff at her practice that's been right up front with us guiding you every step of the way with some of the intricacies of the COVID shut down, as well as being out front with their clients when it all began keeping them up to date on what's going on with the courts and different functions.  They helped push the way thru the early days with adaptation to digital use for proceedings state wide and they continue to work tirelessly for the clients they serve and always will. 

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As our series has unfolded, we've talked about everything from family law and divorce to parenting time and criminal cases and have even touched on how things like those arrested or incarcerated are being handled and what the gradual reopening of the courts will be as things continue to return.  Eric Stevens is the specialist in Shon's practice in criminal cases and we've talked at length in the past few weeks with him about the legal in's and outs for those accused.  Eric also shared some of the timeline of benchmarks that have to be met for the reopening of the courts and some of the road blocks that could come along the way.  Today, he's talking about some of the lasting changes we could see.  Some of the changes that could have been coming in time, they got moved up quick and will most likely stick around.  Some of the changes that have been made on the fly, got some people asking "Why have we not been doing this all along?"  The season of change has been sweeping in so many ways, and today, Eric shares some speculative thought on what is most likely to stay for good when the courts resume full work in the near future.  Take a listen.




Some pretty good thoughts on what's likely to come for the court system.  Change in inevitable in anything and sometimes, it's forced, hard to believe it's forced in the US court system but the acceptance of digital platforms and communication is becoming more and more part of society today and technology can be a great thing.

Next week, Shon herself will be back to discuss some new things about the legal world!  It seems we've had some pretty good success as partners with this series and as long as their practice is willing to share advice with our audience, why stop?  We're very thankful for the sponsorship and we strongly suggest that if you're in need of legal help, the Law Offices of Shon Cook is your only call.  You can find them by clicking on the link below!

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