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The 2020 Census in Cedar Creek Township - Linda Aerts Township Supervisor

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We partnered up with Muskegon County to help spread the word about the importance of the 2020 Census for all of our communities in the area.  It comes down to this.  It's a 9 question survey, that will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete and when you do, you are unlocking $18,000 of federal money to come back to our local communities per survey per year, over the next 10 years.  That's a lot of money any way you look at it and it requires the least amount of effort when it comes to raising funds for all of the things that are essential as well as programs we need and love.  Schools, municipal services, roads, programs for wellness, housing both in the city and rural, our voice in government, it's all dependent on Census data! 2020 Logo Census IN BOX Shape Your Future Blue PreferredClick Here to Fill Out the 2020 Census

Today, we took a ride just North of town to Cedar Creek Township to visit with Township Supervisor Linda Aerts.  Cedar Creek Township, is BEAUTIFUL and Linda likes to brag up that there is something for a fan of every season in the Township!  From the miles of trails for off road motor sports and horseback riding in the picturesque Manistee National Forest, to the bountiful lakes and streams and trials for a hiking and a rapidly growing housing market, Cedar Creek Township is full of nature, but also close to everything making a commute to work a quick endeavor or, if you choose, jump on the highway and head further north for the weekend...you're already half way there! There are plenty of winding roads for a nice ride on a motorcycle or in your car and should you need a place to stop and grab a bite to eat or drink, M-120 runs right along a good stretch of the Township, so you're not far form it all!

The 2020 Census is just as important to rural communities as it is anywhere else.  Think about those miles of roads that need to be maintained.  How about the needs of that growing population when it comes to fire protection and police services?  Maybe it's how Cedar Creek Township is represented at a local, state and federal level?  All these questions are answered in the 9 questions you fill out in the 2020 Census.  All it takes is 10 minutes of your time and again, it's $18,000 bucks up for grabs!

A visit with Linda and you can hear the pride she carries for the community that was founded in 1861.  We took a few minutes to learn what was needed in the Township and how the money from the census will help.  We also talk about how the residents of Cedar Creek are participating so far, which is good even before the Census door knockers start!  Take a listen!  


A simple thing to do!! Fill out that Census and help make sure this historic part of Muskegon County continues to flourish.  They have good and caring leadership.  They have plenty of places for fresh air and roaming around and right here in Muskegon County, we find the perfect spot for agricultrural and rural development!  To fill out the 2020 Census please click on the link in the photo above to the right.  If you'd like to visit the Cedar Creek Township website and learn more about this great area, click on the photo below!!

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