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Ride United 2020 - The Quarantine Edition - Help The United Way!

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Ok, so, you got us on the "quarantine" thing since the whole "Stay Home, Stay Safe thing is over, however, there is still plenty of reason to practice some social distancing and best practices when it comes to health and safety so, like just about every other event, what we know and "how it was always done" is changing a little for 2020 when it comes to Ride United in Muskegon.  While the event itself might look and feel a little different, the purpose and cause is still paramount and participation is key!!  When we all help the United Way, great things happen in Muskegon and our surrounding areas.  The "virtual" Ride United takes place June 20th-28th. ride united logoClick Here to Register to Ride United 2020

Let's take you back a few.  Muskegon has a very healthy biking community, on a couple levels actually.  There are the bikers who have big loud fancy bikes covered in leather and chrome and there are the bikers too that stick to pedals and seat packs so they can push themselves and their equipment to the max.  Some ride for endurance, some ride for health and fitness, some ride for a cleaner and healthier environment.  Oh, and some of the earlier mentioned bikers ride because motorcycles rule.  But back to the pedal bikes.  No matter the reason for riding, Muskegon offers one of the best places anywhere for those who enjoy the ride, scenery, cool lake breezes and fresh air!  You can use the trails or maybe the long and winding roads hugging the Lake Michigan Shore for a ride, you're just not going to find many better places for a spin! 

With that, starting in 2012 Ride United has been combining all of our great assets for bike riders and those who want to do a little something for the greater good into an event that gives everyone a chance to be a part.  No matter the distance, purpose or reason, anyone with a bike can be a part of Ride United to raise some money to help the United Way out and know their efforts mattered.  In those years past, it's been a 1 day event for people to ride anywhere from 2-100 miles depending on how they are placed in the skills set and endurance, this year...with the "virtual" format, you've got a window of opportunity to participate in Ride United and of course, what you know and love by way of swag bags, incentives and more are still a part of the plan.  Yes, even some of those incentives that are cold, thirst quenching and generally involve a ticket to get one.  :)

While there won't be the closing of a street and group dismissal or riders, there is plenty of purpose behind the event to help keep the United Way doing what they do for all of us.  Seeing how they really came in to play and all that they did to support the agencies that were in direct relief for those who were effected by COVID, it's a great year to participate.  The United Way is a big name, but it might not be top of mind all of the time to some, our recent stretch however...let's just say that it was proof positive about how big of an impact the United Way has on our area and how vital it is to all of us.

Scott Blease is a very avid biker and active with the United Way Ride United event!  He joined me for a breath of fresh air outside the studio on the stage at Hackley Park to talk about this years slightly modified Ride United.  Take a listen! 


All ability levels are welcome and it's a great way to help out as an individual or as a family!  We've all seen first hand just how much the United Way does for our local community and what a fun way to return the help!  Make sure you plan a time to Ride United between June 20th and 28th!  Think how sporty you'll look in the t-shirt at very least!  For more about the United Way of the Lakeshore.  Click on their logo below!

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