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Kolton Woods Weather Comes to The Muskegon Channel

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Wasn't too long ago, I jumped in the car with Mrs. O to head over to the Fruitport Graduation Parade where the kids got their diplomas and sent along their way.  There wasn't a plan for anyone to video tape the ceremony, so since by marriage, I am a Trojan too, I grabbed a camera and thought "I'll set this up and roll tape.  Give the kids something to look back on, someday maybe."


Car after car, so many beautiful young faces parade by and get their accolades, honk the horns...some proud parents in the cars and some teachers off on the parade route waving off the class of 2020.  All said and done, it was about 45 minutes and a little bit of post production work and the video was ready for them on Monday to watch or download for free.  Felt good to get out of the house and it felt even better to have the tools on hand to be able to throw a little something their way.   They worked hard through not only the year of COVID, but a year of construction and upheaval at the high school as construction was in full swing the entire time for them.  It was a long row to hoe for the kids in Fruitport. kw gradFollow Kolton Woods Weather Forecasts on Facebook

Long story short, in a Facebook group, a "like" came along and it was from "Kolton Woods Weather".   Huh?  Better find out a little more here!  Send a friend request, ask a few questions and low and behold, one of the Fruitport grads is on his way to Valparaiso next Fall to study meteorology and broadcasting AND...he's been doing his own weather at home for a couple years.  "Hey Kolton.....I know a guy!!"

We did a little talking and I explained that when I was his age, a door was opened for me at a radio station and that while I know that his goals are to move on to much bigger and better things, we have this thing called The Muskegon Channel and that if he'd like a little paid Summer gig, and to start building his reel for his future employment and if he'd be willing to start right here at home so we can all watch him progress through college and on to a career in broadcast meteorology, we'd be highly honored if he'd give it a try.  Sure, we can't teach him the intricacies of all the science in predicting weather, but we can be a starting spot and we can help him with a few things like being on camera, learning to have an "audience" and then some day, we'll all get to say "we knew him when...."

Kolton is going to provide us his daily forecast and you'll see it as a stand alone as well as added to some of our features.  We're very fortunate to have a platform in a town where we can share what we know when it comes to media arts and help foster the next generation of broadcasters who are out to do good things wherever the road takes them. 

Please join me in welcoming Kolton Woods.  


Just launched a rocket! Love that!!  We'll offer a little guidance, we'll help him get his reel built, we'll watch him go and we'll always be ready to lend a hand to the next generation of media.  It's as much of an art as a business and what can't be taught in books, has to come from other who've had some experience too....I look back over my past and the wealth of knowledge I was given, by the incredible people who gave it....and I can't wait for the day I see Kolton do the same for some kid who wants his start too!!  Kolton Woods Weather Starts Monday June 15th on The Muskegon Channel.