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2020 Census in Roosevelt Park - 9 Questions 10 Minutes $18k For Your Community

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Roosevelt Park!  A one square mile community surrounded by Muskegon, Muskegon Heights and Norton Shores!  "A Proud Community" where there are plenty of places to play for kids, miles of sidewalks for people to stroll and lots of great homes that are still what you picture when you visualize what a "nice neighborhood" comes to mind.  It's also a pretty successful business community with a large retail footprint, new business development and long term companies that have been a part of the community for years.  They are part of the Mona Shores School District and in recent years have completed some pretty big road projects to really make the city shine for residents and those who just pass through.  It's a quiet little community with it's own governing body and police force and as stated before...proud of what they've got! 2020 Logo Census IN BOX Shape Your Future Blue PreferredClick Here to Complete the 2020 Census in 10 Minutes

The population, it's not very big, but...as we've been saying all along, it doesn't take much more than participation in the 2020 Census to make a big difference.  The Census is simple.  9 questions.  No more than 10 minutes and it's an $18,000 chunk of money for your community to do things like fix roads, help with fire service and schools, assure that proper representation is there for local, state and federal offices.  It's a 100% private survey and the information is not sold or distributed in anyway.  

So far, in Roosevelt Park, the response rate has been really good!  All of our municipalities are shooting for that magic number of a 100% return rate to assure that every penny that our communities have coming in, comes in.  It's the easiest way to get the bucks we'e already paid in back for things that are important to us.  We can do millage requests, ballot proposals and all of the fundraising things there are, but when it comes right down to it, $18,000.  is a lot of money for very little effort.  

Jared Olson is the City Manager of Roosevelt Park and explains how the Census is going so far and just how much money we're talking that can be spread around one square mile.  It's just shy of $70 Million bucks and Jared does a great job explaining that and how it was calculated from the 2010 Census and how that number will go up with the growth that Roosevelt Park has seen since. 

A great guy, and great friend who I had the pleasure of working with in my time on the City Council in Roosevelt Park, which I am no longer a member of, for disclosure purposes, Jared and I sat down to talk about the Census.  Have a listen.  


Amazing!!  A task so very simple and quick with such enormous benefits we've all got to do our part.  We've seen Muskegon rock it out over the last weeks and months on a variety of things and this...this is literally the easiest thing that's come at is in 10 years.  Well, because the Census happens every 10 years.  Get yourself going on that and bring in the $18,000 for your town!!  To visit the City of Roosevelt Park's Website, click on their logo below!

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