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Is it all that often you hear from someone who provides a service that you might not need to hire them?  It's not.  Generally, they will find a reason to sell you something even if it's an up-sell or an issue that could be dealt with at a later date.  Shon Cook has a little different approach today.  Now, don't confuse the opening line with the idea that you should march into a court of law thinking you are your own best representative, because in a lot of cases, you could be doing yourself a greater disservice by thinking that. 

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There are occasions though when some guidance on paperwork and filings might be all you need for some of the simpler stuff.  Let's say it's a non contested divorce where there are no huge marital assets or children involved.  Maybe it's a filing for some other legalities like a name change, or to petition the court for something...there are any number of things that could need a lawyer or might not.  The best practice is to ask, and to be knowledgeable in asking ahead of time so some opportunistic entrepreneur doesn't "see you coming".  

Shon and her partner attorney Eric Stevens have been incredible sharing advice with us on The Muskegon Channel during the COVID time.  A lot of knowledge about the courts has been shared and with things easing up some, Shon shifted the conversation this week to the thought of letting you know when you actually NEED to consult an attorney when it comes to things like a divorce or other legal matters.  You might also do well to work with her as an arbitrator in some cases.  There are a lot of options out there and knowing them is key to a successful experience in the courts or just about anything. 

Take a listen to Shon's thoughts on when you definitely need to speak to an attorney.  


This chat isn't designed for any specific case. It's general thoughts about situations.  If you are in need of a hand from an attorney, please give Shon Cook or Eric Stevens a call.  Their office handles family law and criminal cases and treats all of their clients with respect and dignity!  The number to contact their office is 231-894-0909 and you can always get a hold of them through their website by clicking below.

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