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2020 Census in Dalton Township - Right in The Middle of Muskegon County

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You probably go through it more than you know and you don't even stop and think about it.  We're talking about Dalton Township and it's literally, the center of Muskegon County.  If you are heading north of south on US 31, you're going through Dalton Township.  Heading up Whitehall Road? Yup, Dalton.  M-120 to Fremont...Dalton.  A visit to Michigan's Adventure, Thunderbird Raceway or maybe a night out at the Full Moon?  Twin Lake for the fireworks?  Dalton Township is where you're going to find yourself and not only is it the center anchor point of the county, it's also a source of service for many of the surrounding communities when it comes to mutual aid with things like fire service, water rescue, training and more. 

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Dalton Township is 36 miles and is filled with great places to call home in both secluded areas with plenty of water, or in some cases developments where neighbors are close by and kids are plentiful so there are always friends around.  Anywhere in the Township is only minutes away from everything you need with close proximity to Whitehall, Muskegon, Fremont or main travel thoroughfares to get you to the bigger city's.  It's a close knit community to say the very least and a few years ago, when the Township was in need of a new improved and larger fire truck, they pulled together quickly and voted to pass the millage to get it taken care of.  The people are friendly and they make sure that they are protected as well as their neighbors in the surrounding communities.

The population is roughly 9300 people.  If you've been following our series on the 2020 Census, well, 9300 people times $18,000 per those counted in the Census for funding from the Feds over the next 10 years....that buys an awful lot of fire trucks and provides the funding needed to keep the work up on behalf of the citizens of not only Dalton Township but places like Twin Lake, Cedar Creek, Lakewood Club, maybe in to Fruitland Township and more.  It's much more than fire trucks too.  Seats in government on all levels, funding for programs that help with education and addiction, housing, school lunches, all of those roads we travel to and from through Dalton Township....they all depend on Census Data.  Census data depends on all of us taking 10 minutes to answer 9 questions online.

As we've worked our way to the early part of June, it's been pretty easy so far.  The Census is available to fill out anytime online, and again, won't take any more than 10 minutes and the information is 100% confidential.  With Summer getting in to full swing though, you will start to see people canvassing the community to get this project done so don't be surprised or shocked if they come knocking to make sure the work is complete.  It's that important to all of us.

Tony Barnes is the Township Supervisor in Dalton Township.  Most of the stories we've done from there in the last couple of years have involved Fire Chief Alan Styles and that new fire truck, but Tony takes front and center today to brag up Dalton a little and talk about specifics when it comes to the importance of the Census for the residents of Dalton or any of our local communities here in the area, take a listen. 


Who wouldn't take 10 minutes to bring in $18,000 for their community?  It's simple, it's quick and it's vitally important for all of us.  We can keep asking for votes on increased mills and bonds or we can take the easy route and answer 9 questions in the 2020 US Census and have an impact that will be felt for the next decade in all of our communities!  When you're ready to do your part, click on the census link above and hop to it!  If you'd like to know more about Dalton Township, you'll find a link to their site by clicking below!!  Help us all out in Muskegon by taking 10 minutes and answering those 9 questions!

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