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The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District and Mercy Health need You to Hear This Message. Important information about COVID-19 in Muskegon.

Wed, Dec

Muskegon Metro Area

What was closed, well it's starting to open again and that's a welcome relief all the way around.  That's not to say that what we're facing with COVID is over, not by a long shot and that's not to say too that anyone you meet isn't weary of all we've had to endure, but we can't live isolated forever and that means proceed with caution as what we know and love comes back to what we're used to and the Muskegon Area District Library is so excited to be doing just that!  Opening up, in stages to provide the incredible service for their patrons and the public that they do. 

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The MADL went all out for the community at the beginning of the shutdown.  How can all of the services be adapted to not only serve the patrons, but the community as a whole?  How can some of the essentials like story time and book discussions to keep people engaged happen?  How do we get the books back people have out?  Ok, the last question was the least of the concerns, but the team at the MADL got right down to it and found ways to not only get it all done, but ways to go above and beyond in the time of a crisis....AND develop some things that might stick around a while because they worked so well, we didn't know we needed them until we got them.  Things like Wi-Fi available in the proximity of the 10 locations of their branches.  The digital delivery of the stories for kids and book discussions that go well outside the walls.  Some added curbside service for the books you'd like, yes...they will pick your books out and bring them right to you!  How about their printing service?  Did you even know that was a thing?  Print off up to 10 pages at any of the MADL locations and swing by to pick it up!  Computers are open for use with your call ahead reservations and as the stages of opening things back up are announced by the Governor, so will go the Muskegon Area District Library.  

It's been one of the more impressive lessons in making sure that community resources like the MADL were being fully used and that if there was a way to make sure that more could be done, it was.  At the forefront of it, Kelly Richards who's the Director of the Muskegon Area District Library joined us today to talk about Day 1 yesterday and how you can get back to using your MADL now and in the weeks to come, take a listen.


We're a proud partner with the MADL for a reason.  Their undying commitment to all of us in Muskegon was put to the test and shown in well beyond all expectations.  In the future too, you'll see more.  They say sometimes, that when you open "Pandora's Box" you can't close it again, but in what we've seen from the Muskegon Area District Library, why would you?  They have taken amazing steps to make the library accessible to anyone in the world from anywhere in the world.  Need to chat about a good book on your next trip to Maui with your friends back home?  The MADL has you covered!  Click below to visit the Muskegon Area District Library online!  Get your books reserved and get back to reading!  

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