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2020 Census in Norton Shores - A Visit With Mayor Gary Nelund

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We've partnered with Muskegon County to spread the news about the vital importance of the 2020 Census for all of our area and how your participation in completing it means that answering 9 questions in under 10 minutes, brings in $18,000 for your community.  These are the kids of funds from the federal government that assure that things like roads, schools, meal programs, housing and more are all properly taken care of and that the money we pay in already comes back to the places we need it most.  It's a very small ask for participation from all of us and the funding is absolutely essential for all of our municipalities in Muskegon County.  City or rural, they all matter and they all benefit. 

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This includes Norton Shores, which is a really nice mixture of both.  Boasting a great place to call home in any number of neighborhoods from lakeside homes on Mona Lake to some really great places to get that first house to begin building a life together, Norton Shores has a lot of opportunity and it's growing.  Add in things like a couple of pretty robust shopping districts, beautiful parks, developing medical campuses, a large industrial area that carries a lot of really good paying long lasting jobs and a school district that's lauded for it's commitment to "Academics, Arts and Athletics" in Mona Shores Schools, and you're starting to get the idea of Norton Shores.  Norton Shores is BIG too!  24 and a half square miles, served by it's own police and fire with water safety capabilities too, hopefully, you're seeing the big picture as to why the 2020 Census is so very important to Norton Shores, like any other of our area communities.

Gary Nelund is the Mayor of Norton Shores.  Life long resident and remarkably proud of all that is his community.  We caught up to talk about where things are at the time in "Shores".  Population, growth, what's needed and what's to come.  Like any other municipality, the revenue from the Census is so important to keep the services offered and grow along with this quickly growing area of the county.  Take a listen to our talk about Norton Shores.


Pretty simple ask!  It's 9 simple questions.  It won't take you 10 minutes of time and the impact you will have on your community will last the next 10 years!!  Follow that link above under the 2020 Census logo and fill yours out today.  It's 100% private and secure and there are no questions that invade your privacy.  If you'd like to know more about the beautiful community of Norton Shores, click on the logo below.  Our many thanks to Gary Nelund for taking the time today to share some thoughts about his hometown.

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