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Mon, May

Celebrating Muskegon - Traffic Circle Art at Pere Marquette

Muskegon Metro Area News

Big, bright, bold and beautiful.  There are not many other ways of describing what's being worked on for the shoreline down by Pere Marquette.  It's in the planning and funding phases at the moment but by years end, we should see a dramatic addition to the brand new roundabout that's just recently opened at the world famous beach in Muskegon and to say it's an eye catcher is an understatement. 

dim lightsCare to Add to the Funding for Celebrate Muskegon? Click Here

The official title of the sculpture is "Celebrating Muskegon - Celebrating Us" and it will take up the space in the center of the new traffic circle that replaced the hours of waiting at "the corner" at Pere Marquette when you are heading down to any of the lakeside attractions or just out to drive by and make sure Lake Michigan is still there.  It's 22 feet tall,  weighs over 2 tons and has a total footprint of 30'x35'.  See what we mean by "big".  It will be illuminated at dark and motion activated with programmable lighting to celebrate any occasion.  The glass at the top is a translucent green and blue mixture to celebrate the water and nature aspects of our great home and no matter the direction you are coming in from...you're not going to miss this.  Designed by artists John Littleton and Kate Vogel, this will become an endearing part of the next chapters of all of Muskegon's story.  It's going to be something for the generations to follow to really identify home with.

Yes, 22 foot tall artwork is a little on the expensive side.  There's plenty of things going on to help get it done.  The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, The City of Muskegon, The Community Foundation for Muskegon County and the Muskegon City Public Art Initiative all have roles in making it happen, but the biggest source of pride in all of this is all of us.  The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has a match program happening.  If you send in $10 - it becomes $20, $20=$40.  You can do the math from there. You have a chance to be a part of the future and say, "I helped build that" and it's only a contribution you can afford, philanthropy doesn't have to be huge.

Dave Alexander met us down at the beach.  We got our shot right in front of the new traffic circle where people are "circling" just fine.  Yes, we've managed to adapt to such dramatic change accordingly.  Take a listen to how it all works and learn how you can help be a part of it...and while you're at it....listen for Andy O's suggestion about another name the locals might like as a term of endearment for this magnificent piece of art coming soon!   


Pretty awesome sight to see to say the very least and the bold statement this makes defines what's to come in the next 10-20 years for Muskegon with an exclamation point.  Yes, we have a lot of great history and tradition but we've also got momentum, energy, new life and an open path to what can be.  Let's shout it from the mountain tops with the way we look, act and believe in all that we do.  One thing's for sure...not long ago, we here at the Muskegon Channel said "We've Got a New Story To Tell", and very proudly, here we are telling it!