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Mon, May

2020 Census in Fruitport Township - Heidi Tice Explains the Necessity

Muskegon Metro Area News

If you're coming in to town via 96, your first tire tracks will be going through Fruitport and Fruitport Township!  A beautiful setting and growing area with plenty of residential areas, a lot of beautiful lake frontage, agricultural space, a great retail corridor a completely amazing new high school that made national news for innovation in student safety....a proposed casino that could drop at any given moment and become a regional destination and an estimated population of about 13,500 residents in 30 square miles...you've got plenty of room to move!   

2020 Logo Census IN BOX Shape Your Future Blue Preferred9 Questions 10 Minutes $18,000 for Your Community.              Fill Out the 2020 Census Today

As long as we're talking Census today, that estimated 13,500 is a little older figure, but doing the math on that.... if every one of those residents were counted in the 2020 Census....that's $243,000,000.00 bucks for the area!  Keep in mind too...13,500 residents is approximate and the 2020 Census will show many more, and the money coming back from the Feds for things like schools, roads, social programs, housing, health care funding and representation in all levels of government!  it's vitally important to participate in the 2020 Census and Fruitport Township Supervisor Heidi Tice will explain why, and share a thought we've not heard from any of our other guests on the matter to date just yet too in the video today. 

We've been telling you the importance of the Census.  We've also been telling you the ease of which it is to complete.  It's 9 questions and won't take you 10 minutes.  They don't ask intrusive things, the information is 100% confidential and so many depend on the results.  From the police and fire to the senior citizens that need meal assistance, the 2020 Census data factors in to all of the funding for these programs.  So often, we're used to hearing that a vote for a millage increase is needed or that a tax increase is being eyed...the 2020 Census data can't keep those from coming up down the line, but if you look at the number above with all the zero's following it, a number like that goes a long, long way to funding what the necessities are for all of us, and all you're being asked in it is 10 minutes.  

Back to Heidi Tice.  Fruitport Township Supervisor and cheerleader extraordinaire, Heidi joins today to talk about what's going on in the Southern most part of the county.  How are things looking with Census participation going?  What can Fruitport Township use over the next 10 years from this kind of funding?   Population growth?  Anything going on in Fruitport this Summer?  (Well, minus the slip and slide that got cancelled post interview.....sorry).  Find out from Heidi Tice!


Fruitport Township is an amazing part of Muskegon County and part of the "Welcome Center" if you will for those heading West to come see us!  Time and patience will tell about the proposed casino, it will be an awesome addition when it happens but it's just that, an addition to what's already there.  From the beauty of Pomona Park to the excitement of Harvey Street and the fields full of great Michigan produce, Fruitport Township is an awesome place to call home and an incredible piece of what makes us, us.  Make sure you take the 10 minutes to complete the 2020 Census to assure Fruitport Township gets it's fair share coming back over the next 10 years!  To visit the Fruitport Township website, click below.

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