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Padnos Public Art Downtown Muskegon - Showcasing Local Artists

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It was a stunning Summer afternoon Downtown Muskegon near the Olthoff Stage where folks gathered to celebrate a great project put on by local companies, who are in the business normally of creating and recycling most of everything that was used to create the art.  That make sense?  Well, follow along a minute.


Padnos Public Art Project 2020 "The Art of Recycling" unveiled the creations around Downtown Muskegon where 90% of the material came from Padnos Muskegon. Padnos takes both industrial and consumer scrap and makes sure our finite resources continue to be useful and our city stays beautiful.  We've long worked with Padnos to show you the work they do and if you're one of those in the business of scrapping, you know they pay top dollar for what you bring in.  PADNOS registeredPadnos Muskegon on Facebook

There are 4 sculptures for you to see.  All along Western Ave, and if you've not been out in a while, it's a good time for a stroll.  Western Ave is beautiful.  The plants are all in, the greens are all lush and the bars and restaurants have expanded seating to outside.  Not to mention, until the 28th, the Taste of Muskegon is happening so you'll find some fun food trucks parked to go along with the brick and mortar restaurants and if you need to shop a little, Western Market is open with the small shops.  The additional art is a delightful addition sprinkled in and the themes are varied and fun.

The sculpture titles and locations are - Third & Western: Sherri Balaskovitz "The Prize Steelhead" Western in front of Unruly: EA-Craftworks "Perplexed Structure" Jefferson & Western(Farmers Market): Chip Vander Wier "Chrysalis" First & Western(Western Market): Larry Sybesma "Wisdom". All created with the mindset that "one man's trash, is another man's treasure". The PADNOS Public Art Project is funded in conjunction with PADNOS, Quality Tool & Stamping, Clifford Buck Construction Company and through a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs.

I met up with Kurt Alderink and Mike Lepo from Padnos right by the Third and Western location.  There's definitely a prize steelhead behind us, take a listen.  

You've seen the Prize Steelhead, we could have taken you on the tour of the rest of them....but....we want you to go stroll Downtown Muskegon!  Summer is here and we only get so much of it and in 2020, what we get "from" it is a little on the minimum side.  Take a stroll see some sights, enjoy some food and maybe a drink.  This is what public art programs are all about!  The normal big prize for art just east of here is on pause this year so come see Muskegon's and do keep in mind, if you're inspired...all of this beautiful art of for sale at the end of the season, so the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce can help you land the steelhead or any of the other masterpieces!  


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