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When things like a divorce happen and there are kids involved, it's a difficult time on all involved.  No one ever sets out to build a "happily ever after" with an end in mind.  But, people grow a part, lives change and circumstances sometimes lead to folks having to go their separate ways. 


As lives move on, priorities change and focus shifts, but from that first relationship may have come some kids and as the parents find their new groove, quite often the kids are "in the middle" of it all and things can get a little testy over things like set times for visitation, personal items for the kid that one parent buys or another, who's being more flexible with the set schedule and on and on.  There are some "soft skills" that come along with co-parenting or as Attorney Shon Cook describes them, "common sense".  It might be hard to face the person that things fell a part with and it might get even harder to see that they are moving along, but the focus needs to be the kid, or kids and what's best for them.  Arguments over things like where socks are and if their favorite toy is at one house or another...well, that can lead to some pretty intense thought behind the scenes. 

There are also times too, where the best interest of the kids might not be being protected by one parent or the other and then, it might require a revisit of what was decided in court or maybe contacting an Attorney like Shon for mediation to help settle things.  Are the kids being raised in an unstable environment?  Is one parent taking advantage of the other when it comes to things like time schedules or failing to pay support?  It's a delicate balance and yes, there may be cause for help, but over all, common sense in what's best for the life of the child should be the top consideration all the time.

We jumped into the conversation about these, because who best but someone who handles this kind of thing day by day,  and has some real life experience herself to help navigate co-parenting?  It's a fairly candid conversation that only a very compassionate and understanding....not to mention highly qualified attorney like Shon could handle, take a listen.  


Like it' was mentioned.  The day it began was never supposed to be followed by the day it ended.  During that time, someone pretty amazing came along though and as hard as it may be, acting in their best interest is the job of any parent.  Alone or together.  It's a daily job to set aside personal things to focus on the priority, but if done....the child will see that they are loved by both parents even though things were not the ending that people had hoped for.  If you are in need of legal help, give Shon a call at 231-894-0909 or you can click on her logo below to visit her website and set up a time to talk.  Our thanks to Shon for year another great talk with advice only she could give.

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