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Dancing Into the Sunset in Fruitport Going to Give it a Go in 2020

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In a world on pause, or so it would seem, things that are "normal" are slowly starting to get back to what we know and while some of the BIG big events are still on hold, smaller community type things are starting to happen again and it's a welcome relief to many who've missed the things they enjoy.  


In Fruitport, for the last few years people have enjoyed the evening at Pomona Park with the Dancing into the the Sunset event created by Sue Halter a few years ago.  It's getting a little later start this year, but after waiting it out for a bit and a careful review of the Village Council, the blessing was given to bring the outdoor event back for July and August at the expansive park.  The bands are booked, the themes are set and the dancing commences on July 2nd with the annual Military salute night. dancing into sunsetFollow Dancing Into The Sunset on Facebook

Sue loves everything about the event.  From the physical fitness aspect to it to the togetherness, the music, the setting, the community building, the dancing brings in a lot of enrichment to all.  Yes, there may be some who are on alert this year with the COVID problem and yes, it might not be the place for them, but a lot of minds have taken in to consideration the amount of space available at Pomona Park and safe social distancing can be effectively practiced while some fun is had, so the event is going to get it's go ahead. 

The setting is beautiful.  You can drive right up and drop a chair.  You can pull up in your boat and enjoy the music.  It's a free event, but if you'd like to make a donation there's usually a jar handy.  The music is varied.  County, swing, a DJ night and more, something for everyone's taste.  It's a family friendly event, there will be food on site and some quality outdoor time is a good thing for all.

Met up with Sue at the beautiful Pomona Park to talk about this years event, take a listen. 


We're with Sue on this one.  We'd planned this partnership since long before all of our current situation arose and as difficult as the decisions were to cancel some events, there was a lot of thought given to proceeding with this and the hope is that an enjoyable time in a safe setting can be had by all.  It might not be for everyone, this is understood but if safe practices are employed and guidelines are followed, to give it a try...let's do it.  The full schedule is below! 

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