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The Hackley Library is bar none one of the communities biggest landmarks, historical treasures and vast resources that's been open to all since 1890.  It's listed on the Michigan Registry of Historic Places and they have spent the 130 years of it's existence promoting knowledge, understanding and wisdom, combating ignorance, intolerance and indifference, promoting the free exchange of ideas and conserving our national and local heritage. Most of that came from the Hackley Library website, but no words have even been more true.


We have an absolute treasure in the "HPL" as the "cool kids" call it and August 4th, they are in need of a millage renewal that will not cost anyone anything extra, they just need what's already being collected to carry on the work they do and to continue to grow to serve the public in so many ways.  From the traditional thought of what a library is to the modern version that includes the digital media world, engaging lecture series, programming for kids and families and special events geared toward making our community better through knowledge and insight, the 130 year evolution of the Hackley Library is something to not only be remarkably proud of, it's something to be fought for and protected. hackley door knobFollow The Supporters of the Hackley Library on Facebook for More Info

The Hackley Library is a two part endeavor as well.  They also curate the Torrent House which is the local source for all things "us".  From local papers dating back as far the 1800's to genealogy, historic photos, maps, databases on our immigrant ancestors and more, the depth held in the Torrent House is vast and it's a place that you can easily get lost in time if you are not careful seeing the rich and incredible history of who we are and where we've come from.

On to the millage renewal.   For 20 years, the Hackley Library has relied on this millage for it's funding.  It's somewhere in the ballpark of a $1 per $1000 value of your home, but the numbers get confusing for a lot of people so that's not really the focus they are using.  What's needed to know is that they are not in need of any kind of increase, just what's already being used and now more than ever, the renewal is needed.  With what we've all been through with the COVID situation, funding will be difficult for a lot of organizations.  Even the time shut down has had an impact on places like library's and with the ability to help preserve and protect what we've got with nothing extra out of pocket, it's time as a community we pitch in.  We're talking pennies on our part to maintain our great community treasure.

To further the discussion, we met up with Library Director Joe Zappacosta and Millage Campaign Chair Cathy Brubaker-Clarke in the comfortable setting of the children's section of the Hackley Public Library, take a listen. 


We've done some incredible things in some pretty incredible times lately.  Schools have been funded for the future instead of the moment.  Our community has stood tall to be one in times where others have seen unrest of unimaginable proportion.  The belief and willingness to preserve and protect what's truly important in Muskegon is shining through and August 4th....without an extra dime from anyone, we can do it again.  Please vote and if you are voting absentee, please remember to flip over the ballot and look specifically for the Hackley Library Millage request.  To visit the Hackley Library website, please click below.

Hackley Library 317