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It's been a long haul for a lot of people.  Mental health is also popping up more and more in the daily conversation as a result of all that we've endured individually and as a society.  Our temporary situation has been a struggle for sure and sadly, the breaking point for some when it comes to some mental issues, but there are those too who deal with serious, long term mental health things that effect far more than a situation.


Mental health plays a huge part in life.  Maybe it's changes over time, changes in dynamics of relationships, stress outside of a relationship or more.  It could be a hidden issue as well that needs psychological or medical attention.  These issues are unplanned for of course and there are times where they bring things to a boil and the legal system needs to intervene.  This isn't just exclusive to relationships either.  It's a huge part of the work some lawyers do on behalf of clients that may need advocates in a wide range of matters that were not even thought starters until Shon Cook sat down for this weeks conversation.  shon cook officeShon Cook Law on Facebook

The mental things like "they are a narcissist" are thrown out there a lot.  Are they a true narcissist or is it a reaction to a situation?  Is someone's mental health to the point where an honest evaluation has to be done to see if there is a true issue?  If that's to happen, what's the process?  Who's paying for it?  What if the problems are to the point that decisions have to be made on behalf of the person having issues?  All very difficult decisions and very articulate work that has to be handled by qualified legal professionals and highly skilled experts in the field advising them.

This is a fascinating and in depth discussion with Shon today, and if you think the legal world is "As seen on TV" all the time, give this a listen and consider the immense pressure that comes with the gravity of the situations that present themselves.  


It's tough, tough job.  It also requires some understanding, compassion and willingness to serve those who might not be able to help themselves in the moment or for the long term.  Shon is incredible in her outreach to all and her passion for clients goes well beyond average.  If you are in need of an attorney, 231-894-0909.  You can also contact her though her website "witch" you'll find linked below.  "Witched!"  Get it?  "Good Witch of the Law"

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