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"We saw her at the computer at church one day and we said, "Payton - what are you doing?"  "I'm creating a non profit to help other kids with school supplies."  Ya...parents tend to hit the brakes when they hear that from a pre-teen, but, it's kinda how it went for the Chittenden family.  Sometimes, the stories write themselves folks...stand back and watch this kid go!


Payton is the oldest of 4 kids, I mean...I think.  There were a lot of them and they were coming and going.  I am used to that with the grand kids and all, every-time I turn around there's another face looking at me, so I was cool.  But Payton and her sister Madelyne are on the point of this one with Payton being the mastermind and Madelyne taking inventory control.  The idea, to bolster the school supplies for the kids of Muskgon County so that when they get back to it, every kid will have their own and be able to have their own and not only will that make them feel awesome on the first day back to school, it will help prevent "sharing" of things back and forth just to make sure safety precautions are being met.  Of course, we hope that by the time school starts back up all this might be over, but better safe than sorry so the work is getting done now by these incredible young people who want to put a little something good in the world.  amazon wishCan You Help? Donate Here!

Payton has even gone as far as to have thought out a name and logo for her endeavor.  P.H.I.K. (Pick) Putting Hope Into Kids!  How can we begin to build bridges that will last for the next couple generations in a community that's got a lot going on and at the same time, has some needs that have to be met.  The Chittenden kids are students at Reeths-Puffer Schools and like many others have seen in the short recent months just how fragile things can be for some and the uncertainty that comes along with it all.  With the idea of how do they go about fixing one small thing, instead of trying to fix the world, they set out to do a school supply drive.  Markers, pencils, notebooks, glue and things like that, one donation led to a couple more, then came a couple meetings with companies in town to see if they can help....then this guy shows up on their porch with a's the classic way that we in Muskegon do things.  Grass roots, from the heart and with what we have to give.  It speaks volumes of who we are, and if you listen real close...there's three kids on a porch right now telling you that the next generation sees and hears what we're up to.....they get it.  Take a listen.


Not too much to worry about with the future. I think the next batch is going to be fine.  There's a link to help above if you like.  If you prefer to shop local, or make a donation another way, CLICK HERE to contact their mom on Facebook.  She gave me the family address to give out, but for privacy and all, I am sure a quick message to mom on Facebook would do just fine.  

Every corner of Muskegon County has good in it.  We all do amazing things and we all give more.  Keep your eyes on these kids and the rest of our's very bright.