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We've talked about some sensitive issues with Attorney Shon Cook in our weekly visits, but this one could deal with subject matter that's difficult for anyone currently in the situation or who's had past experience with domestic abuse.  We'd ask that if this is something that causes you to be uncomfortable or "trigger" that you view with caution and know we're only here to talk about this subject from an advocacy and legal perspective. 

 Domestic abuse is a situation that can present itself to either a man or a woman.  More often than not, it's the woman who's finally got to come forward on things and look for some protection and resolution, but it equally happens to men and it's not necessarily only physical abuse that's the nature of the problem.  Abuse can come in a multitude of ways.  Physical, emotional, financial, mental.  Sometimes a combination of one or more and they are all generally a form of control.  How does one partner get the other to act in the way they see fit or conform to what they think a partner should be?  It could be anything from controlling who's got what financially in a relationship to using a "look" to signify that there be consequences for the other partner's actions when they are back alone together.  There are also things that come in to play in an abusive situation like threatening to take away interaction with the children, cut one partner off from family and so many other manipulative ways to control.  None are acceptable. 

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None are easy either.  Quite often, the abused will have "no where to turn" and the problem will have gone on so long and been so pervasive, that even if some sort of protection is started, it's often dropped as in the mind of the abused, they start thinking that they will run out of options and that if they can just ride out the temporary storm, things will get better and they will somehow manage.  That can come after things like restraining orders and attorneys have already begun their work and when all of that is cancelled, well, it leads to a situation where the victim has "cried wolf" and that only makes matters worse...and it's no fault of the victim.  It's really that much of a confusing mess in their life at the time and answers are next to impossible.

Shon is no stranger to these cases.  She's seen them over and over.  She's worked to success on some and she's seen where her clients have withdrawn and gone back to what they know.  It's not an easy part of what she does and knowing a little about Shon behind the scenes...probably near impossible as her drive for success is really based on her care for helping others.   

We talked about domestic abuse in this weeks feature.  Please have a listen and know that if you need help, Shon and her staff are there.


It's a hard subject to discuss, and as you's hard to represent and while Shon had an outstanding outcome in the case she discussed, if it doesn't result in that, imagine the feeling.  Scary stuff.  If you are in need of a compassionate attorney who's clients are all treated with dignity and respect, don't hesitate to call Shon and begin the process.  231-894-0909 and you can visit her website by clicking on the photo below. 

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