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Not long ago, we met a couple of pretty remarkable women.  Michelle Tyson heads up a group called Taking Back Muskegon and she's out to be a positive influence in her neighborhood and be the change she wants to see for the next generation.  We featured her story on Positively Muskegon about a month ago.  We've recently met Jessie Wilde too, Jessie is a local "Mom on a Mission" who's been shining a light on those who are making a difference in and around the area.  She's also a life coach, a business consultant, a driver of all things good...and both are a force to be reckoned with.  Well, now they are working together on a project.  Look out.  :)


Here's what's going on.  We've been given the order that masks must be worn.  We also know that there's a virus out there and that some of the things required to help try and protect people from it, well, they are expensive and for some, it might be hard to buy things like hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, masks, gloves and all that.  The goal with these events is to offer a chance for those who need them to get some supplies and use the best recommended practices.  Nothing to do with anyone's belief one way or another about anything political, it's just neighbor helping neighbor and a chance for all of us to show better of ourselves and our community.  wilde jessieFollow Jessie on Facebook

What's awesome about this?  Well, everything!  What you're seeing is simply put community building!  A small group of people who've seen that all of us pulling on the same rope is a good thing.  Michelle has a desire to help her community stay safe in the time where what we can't even see is a threat compared to her day to day quest to keep kids away from street life and gang type stuff.  She's offering a better alternative and a different path.  Jessie is out to spread the news about people who make a difference large and small in some way around town and their efforts should be seen, recognized and amplified so that others know what's going on and that if they decided to try and make a difference, maybe there would be a way for them to be recognized too!

The events to help those in need of Cornona Care Kits are this weekend.  2p-6p daily.  July 17th you'll find them at Marsh Field.  July 18th Rowan Park in Muskegon Heights and July 19th Heritage Landing.  Get what you need and if you can help out in advance, Jessie is accepting donations at My Space Office Rentals on Getty in Muskegon and if you'd like to support this effort financially, you can contact Jessie through her Facebook page linked above.

Jessie joined us for a chat about these three upcoming events. Take a listen.


Amazing to continue to watch people come together in a time of need and even more amazing when people are able to find commonality in purpose and apply their strengths together to do more.  This is what builds community and this is truly what defines Muskegon.  We're proud to continue to help find ways to spread the message too!  Best of luck to Jessie and Michelle!  If you can help, or if you need a hand, this is the weekend!  To learn more about Taking Back Muskegon and Michelle Tyson's work, follow their Facebook page by clicking below!

corona kits