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We started a little something with Shon Cook who's been sharing some of her legal know how with the viewers of The Muskegon Channel for a while and Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance said, if we thought people could use a little help in understanding the in's and outs of the insurance world too, he's be happy to sit down and make the language and purpose of it all a lot easier for people to understand, so we quickly said...yessir!  


Jason Ryan State Farm Insurance is on Holton Road in Muskegon just off 31 and he's here to make insurance a little more simple.  There are a lot of things that we have to have with insurance and sometimes a lot of things we think are covered through this that or the other thing, but the one thing you don't want to find out is what you need after the fact when it comes to coverage.  Over the next few weeks, Jason will be joining us to talk about all things insurance from auto, home, life and more.  The best part of it all is that he makes it pretty easy to understand and if it is complicated, well, he's even offered to explain it to you a little better in person.  Like any of our informational articles, not all of the advice you hear today could be applicable to your specific needs, please consult Jason or another qualified insurance professional for specific questions. jason ryan sfFollow Jason Ryan State Farm on Facebook

Today, it's all about Michigan auto insurance reform.  Beginning July 1st, drivers in Michigan were able to decide what kind of coverage they needed to carry for their auto insurance based on what kind of medical insurance they have and what's covered under their medical policy.  There are 6 options for PIP (personal injury protection) that you have to decide on when you renew your policy and there are a lot of factors that come in to play over that decision.  What could save you money on the monthly payment for auto insurance, could too leave you in a lurch when it comes to help if the unthinkable happens.  

Jason explains in all in plain English for ya, take a listen so you can decide what's the right choice for you and your family when it comes to auto insurance in Michigan with the new laws in place.




A lot to take in right?  Jason does a great job simplifying things, but as we mentioned, it's not applicable to every situation.  A talk with Jason can help you on the right path and with State Farm Insurance, you know that your coverage is the best it can be and managed by local professionals who care about their clients, and community.  In the weeks to come, stay tuned for more on auto.  We'll also learn about homeowners, life insurance, special policies for collectibles, insuring your "toys" and more! 

You can visit Jason's website by clicking below with questions or insurance needs!!  We're thankful for Jason's support of our work and his willingness to help share a wealth of knowledge with all of us!  

jason ryan state farm lead