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2020 has been a roller coaster ride for all of us and no one has been through a bigger wringer than the kids who've had their entire high school experience jolted, jarred, turned upside down and inside out.  For some, it was an early out with some easy online learning, but for others, it was the finish that never really happened and for some like Mia Snowden who've spent a lifetime leading up to the pomp and circumstance, it was certainly not the goodbye that they foresaw all the years they worked to get there.  But....all the years of work by Mia and others still had the payoff that so many seek when it comes to their very bright futures and since we can't see them all on a stage being handed their accolades, well, we found out about Mia and grabbed a little webcam time to talk about one of hers.


Mia is the reciepient of on of the 2020 Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Awards that were given out at the end of the school year.  She's the Valedictorian of Muskegon High School and on of 29 students in the state to be awarded this scholarship.  Founded by the Comcast NBC Universal Foundation in 2001 approximately $33 Million dollars has been awarded to 30,000 high school seniors across the country as part of this program.  It's an incredible program directed at students who work hard to reach their full potential, who are catalysts for change in their community and who are involved in their schools and serve as role models for their fellow students.  la scholarshipLearn More About the Leaders and Achievers Scholarship From Comcast

Mia has been doing just that, and has a pretty clear focus on the future.  As you'll hear in the interview, she's the 2020 Valedictorian and she's got her path set for college and beyond and the best part of this is that she's keeping all shes built to win this scholarship in focus as a steward to serve others when she completes her education.  Yes, you're going to have to hear from Mia herself as to exactly what the future holds, but I promise's human care in the highest degree.  She's going to be a gift to the world from the instant anyone meets her and Muskegon has so much to be proud of in this young woman

Rob Ponto from Comcast joins us for the chat today too.  He's no stranger to the Muskegon Channel as we've talked to Rob a few times during the COVID problem to learn what Comcast-Xfinity has been doing to keep the community connected be it with free wi-fi hot spots for anyone or making sure their current customers stay connected in times when so many questions arose about income, bills and the future.  Comcast has been one of the leaders in making sure the communities they serve were given the best stewardship they could be given and of course, none of what we do would get to you without them.  We're thankful for our working realtionship.

Take a listen to Mia's story and learn a little more about the Leaders and Achievers Scholarship Program from Rob, it's a little something to make ya feel good!! 






It's a great thing to celebrate someone who's poured so much into her life so far....SO FAR.  There is so much to come from Mia and the future for all of us is in very good hands.  Our most sincere congratulations to Mia for the Leaders and Achievers Scholarship from Comcast and our many thanks to Rob Ponto for finding a few minutes today to join us in celebrating one of our own! we talked in the interview, you have a very proud community behind you...go out there and amaze all of us!  You've earned it!

mia snowden