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Muskegon is rapidly growing, everywhere.  This we know and as it grows, we see all of the fanfare and of course the big headlines about the "big projects".  The Convention Center, the downtown development, multi use projects slated for the shoreline, hospitals going up and blight coming down.  We are in a rapid process of change and renewal and it looks and feels great.  All of that is also complimented by a very healthy real estate market and in Norton Shores, ground was recently broken on a new neighborhood that when complete will bring the ease and convenience of lake front condo living to a quiet and well planned area with access amenities that make life simple for residents and add very robust numbers to the over all health and well being of all of our area.


Atwater Springs is a development between three different parties.  Things got underway as Charlie Barnes was looking for a place for he and his wife to build.  They found the spot, but there was plenty of room for more it would seem back where a small campground once stood right at the corner of Norton Shores and Fruitport Township.  As Charlie's desire grew his land purchase turned into a bigger idea and in came David Bos who builds homes and Robert Rands Owner and Broker of the Platinum Realty Group here in town and well, we've got the ball rolling on something big.  Thing is, sometimes a big rolling takes a little time to build up speed. atwater fbFollow Atwater Springs on Facebook to Learn More!

All of what you just read, that was about 2 years ago.  Imagine the time and patience it takes to start to do all this?  There's so much more to a development than clearing some land and building some houses.  Careful planning.  Municipal involvement for things like water, sewer, future maintenance of roads, all the permits that will be required, all of the planning that has to be done.  All of the blue prints, paperwork "i's dotted, t's crossed" and all of the things we just don't normally stop and think about when we see a new construction site happening.  It's an undertaking of massive scale all with the end goal being a warm and welcoming new place to call home.  That's going to be the focus of these story's over the next few months. 

We met out at the site, which is located at the end of Harvey Street.  Yes, this new development is a direct shot at the entire Harvey Street Corridor.  Restaurants, shopping, easy access to the highway for getting to work or play and as you make a turn around at the cross street of Wilson which dead ends at US 31 not far from the property, you see the Muskegon County line sign through the trees.  Our first visit is at an active construction site, along the road where a currently drained lake sits.  What's to come will amaze you and we're going to follow it over some milestones to share the progress, impact and value that a new neighborhood brings to a community.

For now, Meet Charlie, David and Robert who are the three at the head of the charge at Atwater Springs. 


It's big. Sure, it's off the beaten path a little and no, it's not some 9 floor sky scraper or giant addition to the blossoming Downtown Muskegon area, but in the long term what's to come will be a wonderful waterfront community nestled in surroundings of relaxation and comfort while adding value to the Norton Shores area and all of Muskegon County.  As the project continues, we'll be back to see how it's going.  Again, the idea here is to give you a little behind the scenes on a development that might not get the attention some others do, but the value and importance of what's happening at Atwater Springs is a good thing for all of us.  Let's take the time to highlight this project too and see what all goes in to building a new neighborhood!  If you'd like to learn more, you can visit the Atwater Springs website by clicking below.

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