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Jason Ryan State Farm Insurance - Auto Insurance Part 2

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We're back with the second installment of our talks with Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance here in Muskegon.  Jason is a terrific sponsor of the Muskegon Channel and he's offered a little of his time every week to explain, in plain English some of the things that insurance coverage means and how it works to protect you and your family in the event you ever need it.  It's one of those areas in today's day an age that's pretty complicated for the average person to understand, so to have an expert like Jason simplify it and make it so people "get it", it's a valuable segment for our audience!


Last week, we talked all about Michigan's auto insurance reform that went in to effect on July 1st.  Like most things that change or are new, there are lots of questions people have and lots of big decisions to make over what kind of coverage they need, what's to be changed, how much they can save and on and on.  Jason did an incredible job making it as easy to understand as possible and from the looks of the reaction to the article, a lot of people found what they needed, and if not, they found a way to get a hold of Jason for more specific answers.  If you missed last weeks talk, CLICK HEREjason headshotJason Ryan State Farm on Facebook

This week, we carry over auto insurance but with a little more traditional spin.  We're going to dig in to things like what kid of coverage do you need?  What are the definitions of things like broad collision and comprehensive?  How about the idea of "Well, the car is paid off...let's just get PLPD".  Like anything there is so much to know beyond what the traditional mindset says is a good thing.  It kind of boils down to what could be a few bucks in advance to save you some big headaches in the future no matter where your insurance comes from.

Jason Ryan makes it easy to understand, so take a listen to the next chapter in auto insurance talks on the Muskegon Channel.





It's so good to just hear "plain talk".  Jason Ryan brings expertise, customer service and the backing of State Farm to all of his clients.  It might be a good idea to get the lowest coverage you can get, but as Jason detailed in our conversation, it might not be either.  If you are in need of a hand with car insurance, or any other kid of coverage, get a hold of Jason by clicking on the photo below and setting up a time to visit with him to get your specific questions answered.  Our Thanks to Jason for the great wealth of information today.

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