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Lakeshore Museum Center Millage Renewal Request August 4th

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For everything that's booming in Muskegon and everything that still needs some work, one of the most precious commodities that we have as a community is our history.  It's rich.  It's deep and it's celebrated across 9 sites in Muskegon County under the umbrella of the Lakeshore Museum Center.  From the earliest known inhabitants 8000 years ago in the Paleo-Indian hunters, French settlers noting the "Masquigon" river in the 17th century, fur traders, lumber barons, foundry workers, shipping and on... Muskegon has been an anchor point of West Michigan and our history...it's worth preserving. 


With the unique layout of our Lakeshore Museum Center encompassing those 9 sites, it's kind of easy to think that it's not as big as it is, but it's encompassing and it's an interactive and historic experience for those who visit.  If you are at the main campus in Downtown Muskegon you see the historic exhibits and dioramas of different eras.  If you visit the Hackley or Hume Homes, you get to see and feel what it was like to live like the captains of industry for their day.  The Scolnick Depression Era house shows you the simplicity of some times that were not so good, the newly acquired Heritage Museum on Western Avenue, shows you the incredible things that have been built here in Muskegon over the years from Raggedy Ann to Brunswick Bowling Pin Setters.  We're blessed with an all encompassing look back at what made us, us and a vote is being asked on August 4th to help keep things going.lmc fbLakeshore Museum Center on Facebook

What's being asked is a renewal.  It's not an increase, it's only to keep what's already being collected, which on average, comes down to .32 cents per $1000 of taxable value of private county properties.  To boil it right down to the bone, it won't cost the average home owner any more than they are already paying and that is about $32 bucks a year.  It's next to nothing to keep all that is seen, and unseen with the Lakeshore Museum Center working to not only educate and entertain, but to preserve our story and protect our heritage.  This is how our identity is preserved and we can't forget what made us the community we are.

Annoesjka Soler is the President and CEO of the Lakeshore Museum Center and she joins us today to talk about the museum and the assets it holds along with some of the specifics of just how much the Museum does that isn't as readily apparent as you see if you just visit one of the sites, take a listen.

To see the specifics on the millage renewal request CLICK HERE





So much goes in to making us, us. Including knowing where we came from, who helped us get here and what sets all of us a part.  Nothing more is being asked of anyone to help maintain and grow what we've got.  This is a long term ask in a time when there's some uncertainty but is for sure is that what's "now" will pass and what we all hold so dear....well, that story will continue to be added to as we march ahead into the next evolution of our most incredible City and County of Muskegon.  To visit the Lakeshore Museum Center's website, click on the photo below.

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