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We're very fortunate to have sponsors that can take the time to explain their industry to those who need to use it sometimes.  We've got Shon Cook with legal advice and Jason Ryan of State Farm saw the example, and great value of what can be done by making things simple and understandable for the average person.  Both deal with large and complicated fields, but both simplify the terms to make what's necessary, easy to grasp.


This weeks visit with Jason, he's talking about homeowners insurance.  It's one of the necessities we all know that.  People pretty much get the idea that they are covered if there's a fire, or a tree hits the place, but there are so many nuances to the homeowners policies and what included, what needs an additional rider, what's assumed covered and what's not.  Are contents of the home included?  How about the value of things over time?  So many things to consider and the questions are many.

Jason Ryan is at the ready with the answers this week about homeowners insurance. Take a listen to out discussion about all things homeowners insurance and learn what you might be missing or where you might not have been aware your coverage was not up to what you had thought it was.  As always with Jason, the insight and information are truly valuable and worth listening to.


After you have the coverage you need?  Might be a good time to set up a talk with Jason Ryan of State Farm Insurance.  As you can see, he's pretty laid back, he's remarkably focused on making sure that not only do you have the coverage you need, but you understand why you need it as well.  You know State Farm by name, and you're getting to know Jason week after week here on the Muskegon Channel so for your family's safety and security, make contact with Jason Ryan State Farm Insurance by clicking on the photo below!  Tell him you heard about him on the Muskegon Channel.

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