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Michigan has 28 community colleges.  They are all very valuable resources to the areas they serve providing students a higher education at a more reasonable price and the ability to usually stay closer to home to work on some of the more basic college things or to get that degree without having to head to a far away university and incur some of the heavy costs associated with the traditional 4 year school.  Individually the community colleges sere their community well, but collectively, they stand as one to accomplish things on different levels and it's that strength that one of our own will be heading up.

Dr. Dale Nesbary joined Muskegon Community College in 2009 and since, the incredible growth and scope of what MCC as a community college is has grown by leaps and bounds.  From the new exciting buildings on main campus to the incredible growth Downtown Muskegon, the MCC footprint has not only become larger physically in Muskegon, but the depth of reach into the community has grown as well.  People have the ability to use the "Fab Lab" at the Sturrus Center in Downtown Muskegon if they have an idea for something that might require some technology not everyone has.  The main campus offer room for theater, athletics, academics of course and countless opportunities to hear anything from a great discussion to a planetarium show.  Impressively too, the main campus really showed some strength and innovation when COVID hit, as the Wellness Center became an overflow hospital for those effected by the terrible disease if it was needed in a matter of days , which thankfully it wasn't.  Muskegon Community College has evolved in to so much more than a school. mich comm collegeVisit the Mi Community College Assoc Online to Lean More

Dr. Nesbary's new role, as the Chair of the Michigan Community College Association will certainly face plenty of challenges.  In person and online leaning programs will be one of the main things that have to be addressed of course.  There are other challenges as well, Black Lives Matter is a key topic as are budget issues, talent development and of course adaption to the times with challenges COVID presents.  All faced as individual schools as well as a collective through the Association under the leadership of Dr. Nesbary for the next year.  

Take a listen to our talk about his new role, some of the evolution of MCC over the years and the challenges that will be faced by Muskegon Community College and others in Michigan.




It's a big role and from one look around our town, it's in pretty good hands.  Muskegon Community College sets the standard when it comes to affordable education in any number of fields as well as forward thinking leadership that brings in diverse use of all of their resources to not only benefit the students and faculty, but the community as a whole, and with the leadership of Dr. Nesbary now at the forefront of the rest of the schools in the association, well, it's another chance for Muskegon and all of the amazing things happening here to extend further out into the state and be an example of getting it right.  It sure feels good to lead.  Our thanks to Dr. Nesbary for taking the time to talk about his new position and the excitement that comes with it.  You can visit the Muskegon Community College website by clicking below.

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