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Well, you guessed it.  Even Stand Up for the Cure has gone virtual in 2020 and while the togetherness and fun of the day at Ross Park in Norton Shores won't be the orchestrated day of physical activity, awareness, healing, friendship, fun and sand in your toes..among a few other places.  There's nothing or no one who's going to stop Muskegon from doing it's part in the battle against breast cancer, or any other kind of cancer for that matter.  

 Stand Up for the Cure Events go on across the country, but Muskegon has been hosting them since 2015.  The idea of the event is to get out and enjoy some physical activity on a stand up paddle board while sharing the strength and hope of those who have survived or have been effected by cancer.  Simple as that.  The first few years the event was tucked in on the back side of Muskegon Lake and the move to Ross Park in Norton Shores a couple years ago was a nice change to the event and gave those who come in from out of town a chance to experience another one of our most stunning places splashed with beautiful sand, warm water, amazing nature and like minded folks who all have an ax to grind over cancer.  

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We've been treated to some pretty amazing events that go hand in hand with the Stand Up for the Cure mission!  Yes the day at the beach is incredible with celebrity appearances, music, yoga, food, beverages and of course some swag, but like just about every other occasion that brings us together this year, we have to re-invent our own ways of doing things for the purpose of the cause.  The need for treatment and a cure doesn't go away because the next thing comes along and while we're all focused on the novel problem at the moment, we can't forget the work and the fight that's been going on and will continue when it comes to cancer. 

So, instead of a day at the beach on a stand up paddle board, how about a day on a bike to raise a few bucks?  Maybe it's a day of Zumba with some friends and family at the park at a safe distance?  It could be back yard gymnastics on a trampoline, it could be a hike up the dunes.  Combine some physical activity and healing vibes and a day of thinking of the good of others and BOOM!  Stand Up for the Cure just happened.  The truth is, Stand Up for The Cure is really about always has been, the other things, they are all fun and all, but it's one thing that makes a difference and it's in your heart.  That's the power of this amazing cause.

Dianne Hoffman and Shawn Stephenson are both major parts of the Stand Up for the Cure organization in Muskegon.  Dianne has poured countless hours into this and other awesome events in town for the good of all.  Shawn...Shawn brings the same along with an amazing survivors story not only of her own, but of her dad's too.  These women have no problem looking cancer dead in the eye and saying "not today"  We met up at a much quieter Ross Park than we usually find for Stand up for the Cure to learn a little more.  Take a listen.


Folks, we're Muskegon and we've got one thing down.  We know how to lay a beating on cancer!  While the splashing and paddling might have to be on hold as a group it's only temporary and the fight and the cure are the target!  Get yourself around and get your team togehter and find the most fun and inventive way you can to Stand Up for the Cure and when 2021 gets here, and we're all back on the beach....toes in the sand and a cold one in hand, we can look at all the other great Stand Up for the Cure events nationwide and show them how it's done when the going gets tough!  Click on the image below and let's get to work to Stand Up for the Cure!

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