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Here we are at the beginning of August and I think the appropriate word would be exhausted.  2020 has been an unprecedented year on so many levels that it's almost impossible to keep on track with the day to day events of life in general let alone the happenings a few weeks or months ago when it came to headline news.  It's been a very trying time on all of us and for some the trials have been even stronger because, here's a little refresher for ya...if you remember back in Spring, Muskegon and surrounding areas were hit hard by flooding and a lot of damage added insult to injury to an already beleaguered community.


It meant a lot of damage.  A lot of clean up and a lot of frustration in the entire process for both homeowners and business.  A lot of instant need, a lot of back log on the end of those trying to help and yes, a lot of "why me" feelings everywhere.  Life sure feels like it's been a perfect storm this year, but there's still time to get to the help needed if you were part of the flooding and the SBA is seeking the last of the applicants for their Disaster Loan Assistance Program.  If you are in need of a hand from this for physical property damage, you have until August 28th to file the paperwork to get the ball rolling to help you get back on track. sbaClick Here to Begin for Disaster Relief From the SBA

SBA loans are available of up to $200,000 for damaged or destroyed real estate, and homeowners and renters are eligible for up to $40,000 to repair or replace disaster damaged or destroyed personal property.  Interest rates are incredibly low for these programs and the SBA works on an individual basis to determine terms based on the individual applicant.   

Locally, the county mobilized as quickly as possible to help residents.  It was all hands on deck and even though things were spread pretty thin already, the extra work was handled with few complications.  There was one glitch in the form sent from the state which was quickly indentified and corrected, but other than that and the simple fact that things like this take time...seemingly forever when the assistance is needed, work began.  Clean up began as well and while we didn't see anything like Midland, we saw more than our fair share of grief and heartache combined with loss.  As we started off in the article.  It's been a rough year.

Richard Warner is the Director of Emergency Services for Muskegon County and he took a few minutes today to explain where everything is and how this window of opportunity is still open, but time is of the essence if you need the help.  Take a listen to our chat and find out more. 




Get the help while you can.  It's been an all hands on deck effort this year for so many.  The help is there if you need it of if you know someone who does, please, give them an assist in getting the online paperwork handled.  You'll find the link above under the SBA photo and you can of course call 1-800-659-2955 or if you are deaf of hard of hearing, the number is 1-800-877-8339 for assistance.  Our thanks to Richard Warner and his staff and voluenteers for all they have done for everyone in 2020.  An incredibly challenging year for all.