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As we travel the streets of Muskegon and meet those who share their story and what matters to them, once in a while a connection is made and with that connection comes a little opportunity.  A few weeks ago, we met Michelle Tyson who's got a group going called Taking Back Muskegon.  It's a very grass roots effort working on quite a few things to help neighborhoods, kids and families find resources and places that they can be safe, informed and well, honestly, a community in.  Her passion is strong, her belief in unity for all of us is real and after a few chats behind the scenes, it was pretty clear, Michelle belongs sharing her passions on a little louder platform.


Like so many of the people here, Michelle has no prior media experience.  We set out years ago with the idea in mind that "We Have a New Story To Tell" and those words ring true through all we do.  The traditional media has their way of doing things, that's ok.  We'd much rather have a short sit down and conversation with friends and neighbors about the things that matter to them and how they work to better our community.  Have we become the "good news" people, some might say that, but the never ending negativity from everywhere get really heavy and while we don't and won't turn a blind eye to some of the true issues that need to be addressed in Muskegon and the surrounding area, we'll take our own approach of showing you who's working to do better than the "bad news" and how much they are putting in to making things better. 

Michelle will be seen here online, you can also get the Muskegon Channel App for Iphone and Android devices.  Do you have an Amazon Firestick TV or Roku device?  How about a Playstation 4?  The Muskegon Channel is also available for those!  It's a free download and the cool thing about that is all the programming is nationwide as well as in perfect HD on the biggest screens you can find!   

Michelle wastes no time getting some plugs in for her next events coming up.  There's going to be a drive in basketball tournament in Mona Lake Park coming up and she's also got a G.U.N.S. event coming up, and if the acronym causes you alarm, don't worry, give a listen to our chat and learn a little more about what she means by this great outreach.  We are very proud to welcome Michelle Tyson, take a few minutes and get to know her.


Another voice in the fold and another viewpoint to learn from.  We're very excited to welcome Michelle and we hop too that over time she finds that our outlets a way to not only share her story, but the story of those she work with to show you more of the incredible things happening in every corner of Muskegon.  Remember we mentioned about that drive up basketball tournament?  Details are below!

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