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Michelle Tyson Profiles Jessie Wilde - Mom on a Mission

Muskegon Metro Area News

Sometimes in life we have a tendency to come across paths with people that leave an ever lasting impression on you. Well one day while attending a grow meeting that is exactly what happened when I first met Jessie Wilde of Jessie Wilde Consulting. She had a brightest smile and spunkiest personality. She began to talk about how she wanted to branch out on her own and help people especially mothers.

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I was on Facebook one day and stumbled across her name and sent her a friend request. She politely excepted and she and I hit it off right away.

In talking to Jessie I asked her about her program that she had going on called Mom On A Mission. Mom on a mission she said is just that A Mom On A Mission. She goes out and finds moms who are doing wonderful things through your community. Her   first show was a simple discussion because she said she had something to saySo far she has managed to interview a mother and daughter team who created a cooking show along with a mental health therapist.  Even a lady who has her own clothing pantry.  Jessie wants the public to know that there all all types of moms out here who are doing wonderful things besides that nine to five or being a stay at home mom. 

Her passion to help mothers become successful entrepreneurs will soften anyone’s heart.  Jessie believes that bringing the communities together as one will help our communities grow in unity and wealth.  She also believes that helping others moms grow will also help our children grow. 

Not only does she have her own show she is also the Public Relations Consultant for a new and rising nonprofit in Muskegon.  Jessie Wilde is all over Muskegon making headlines and helping grass root organizations grow. 






So if you need a good business consultant Jessie Wilde will definitely help you get on the right track.