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We have had an amazing series with Jason Ryan of State Farm Insurance getting to know more and more about insurance and how it benefits everyone in a multitude of ways.  We began our series weeks ago when the auto insurance reform was on top of everyone's mind.  It's a lot of rule changes that the average person just can't really keep up with.  What's needed, what's it effects what's covered medically if you have insurance coverage there...very complex and if you still have questions about any of that, Jason is still the guy to call!  We have also explored things like life insurance, homeowners insurance, some more traditional auto insurance terms and coverage and short and long term disability.  It's been a wealth of knowledge passed along and to say that thousands have benefited....we can do that!  We're very thankful for his insight and time with out audience.


This week, we're talking toys!  Your boat!  Your bike!  Maybe your quads or travel trailer?  When we went into this conversation, I was on the mindset that "most of that stuff is covered by the homeowners insurance", well, that was a little of my dad talking I am afraid.  Sure, there are some things that are covered along with your homeowners policy, but did you know once something with a motor on it above a certain horsepower is met, it needs it's own insurance?  How about things like a boat that's been around a while?  Should you pay to insure that?  A good rule of thumb there is that if you don't have the immediate cash on hand to pay to have something repaired, it might be a good idea to carry a policy on it.

Jason Ryan lays it all out on us.  The great thing is, with insurance for recreational vehicles, it's really super affordable.  We're talking pennies for coverage when it comes to the things that make life worth living.  Where you relax, where you spend time with friends and family, or if you're on the extreme side, where you get that adrenaline rush and let it all hang out...they are all worth protecting and Jason Ryan is the guy to find you the right policy and right price through State Farm.

Take a listen to the specifics and of course, make sure you call Jason to talk about the specific needs that you have that need to be met.  He and his staff will be more than happy to help you out!  For now, let's talk toys with Jason Ryan! 


Anyone who's willing to just offer it up, probably more than a good idea to check with them when you need a hand for something, right?  The insurance world is kind of tricky.  The simple nature and complexity of all of it is what makes it that way and it's just one of those things that you really need someone who knows what they are doing to make sure you get the best value, and don't pay too much.  Jason Ryan is that guy.  The extra time and effort that went in for him to share all of this with us was above and beyond what any sponsor would normally do, you'll find the exact same thing when you stop and see Jason Ryan at his State Farm Office on Holton Road not too far off 31 in North Muskegon.  You can find him online by clicking below to get started.

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