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Saturdays With Shon - Let's Revisit the Court Procedures Today

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We've been visiting with our sponsor Attorney Shon Cook since way back at the beginning of the year when things shut down, including the courts and there were a lot of people asking about what was to be expected when the courts were to re-open.  It almost seems like a lifetime ago that all of this started, but it's only been a matter of months and in the court system some of the changes that have been implemented and procedures that had to be adapted have moved at lightning pace compared to the reality of things.  Once the safety concerns were met, the digital end of things could be adapted and the work could resume and it's still a bit of a log jam on some things.


With the physical buildings set to as safe as they can be and the procedural stuff coming along the best it can, it's still not ideal.  With the digital arm of things, some of the stately manner of the courts is not as it once was and some of the gravity of the arguments and decisions that are made there, well,  they are still just as important, but the dynamic feels a little different.  The courts themselves at least in Muskegon County are working on a 4 day a week schedule due to some budget restraints, so Friday things might be very limited.  Other areas, courts are up to full speed with a little back log, and some other areas are utilizing a mixture of in person and digital assists to get the work done.

To a passionate attorney like Shon, there are some different vibes for sure, but the term "we're all in this together" resonates so much further now than it did when the pandemic first hit.  Sure, we heard it a lot at the onset, but toady it's apparent that everyone has been effected and all we're enduring has taken it's toll on the average guy on the street all the way up to our judges and representatives.  It's really been a test on all of us, and yes...most everyone is tired.

But the job has to be done and we're all rolling with it the best we can, so today, we revisit the new found procedures of the courts in Muskegon and beyond with Shon Cook, take a listen. 


Bob and weave.  No matter the line of work, you can see that it's all still somewhat of a compromise for everyone.  Still, the fact remains...  the legal system is very complicated and if you are in need of someone to help you navigate it, Shon and her staff and partner attorneys are simply amazing at what they do and they were all at the very forefront of all you see in place now with the legal world to get things like ZOOM hearings going, get drop boxes up and running and getting others in the legal system statewide to buy in and keep things moving as best as they can.  If you need an attorney, for family or criminal law, there's only one call to make, Shon Cook.  231-894-0909 or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to email Shon and of course, visit her website by clicking below!

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