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An exciting day for us at the Muskegon Channel as we welcome a new face on a couple of levels.  If you are a social media user of any kind in Muskegon, maybe you've seen some of her Facebook Live chats with people, mostly women who offer advice or insight on any number of topics in her "Mom On a Mission" series.  Or, maybe you've come across her at one of her events she puts on like the Vintage Market.  Jessie Wilde is who we are talking about and with a recent change in her working life, it's given us the opportunity to grab a rising star.


Jessie is mover and shaker!  She's loves to network, she loves to dig to find resources, she is passionate about helping others succeed with what they find important from business decisions to their non profits.  She's the mom of 5, she's a dedicated wife and energy....does she ever have that!  We've gotten to know Jessie a few times here on the Muskegon Channel and as things have progressed, the question was raised about maybe her bringing her inquisitiveness and desire to help others out to our platform as well as maybe some behind the scenes stuff with us in the sales and marketing area.  She graciously accepted and now, instead of being the guest, you'll see her as the host! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Email Jessie for Sales and Marketing Info for The Muskegon Channel

Jessie also has a LOT of incredible ideas of how to help us engage in the community more.  Some areas where we could do better helping other business in town meet their needs to get the word out and tell the world what they are up to as well as some of our area groups and events that could use a hand building and growing their presence.  We're excited for the challenge and we hope that with the amount of readers and viewers we have, we can more than exceed the expectations to deliver people through doors.

Jessie popped over for a quick visit to introduce herself to ya and let you know a little more.  A nice shady spot was found and we'd like you to meet Jessie Wilde of the Muskegon Channel!






It's always exciting to welcome someone new and it's even more exciting to stop and think that with what we have here, we've created an opportunity for Jessie and others.  If you know our history, of the guy who started off with a free blog and GoPro, well, "job creator" was never really at the forefront of thought in the early days, but here we are and we are eternally grateful to Muskegon for the support that's been given and rock stars like Jessie who believe in what we're doing to want to pull the rope too and keep on with the mission of "Having a New Story to Tell".  Welcome Jessie.