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When March came around, we all thought that things would come and go quick and that in a matter of a few weeks, we'd be back to normal and that would be that.  Well...we've since learned that "We're in this together" has a whole new meaning and as things have dragged on, "in it together" for DTE Energy starts with a call to 1-877-477-4747.


Here's the deal.  We've been working to bring DTE to you for a while because, DTE usually comes to us with the kind of information and outreach they have for customers of all kinds.  No matter the need, the one thing DTE wants to avoid is a shut off.  Their out reach is normally found at events and community projects, however with all of that being kind of on the sidelines in 2020, we worked to set it up to bring them right to your living room and we're so thankful for the help!  

There are literally millions of dollars available through programs that can help you with energy costs, even back payments and the first step is on you.  Yes, that initial thought of having to ask for a hand is never all that easy, but think back to when we heard, "we're all in this together", those funds will go away if they are not used and they have until the end of September to get them used.  Time is of the essence.  dte covidDTE COVID Assistance - Click Here

Are you behind on your bills?  Are your bills adding up?  Are you afraid that a shut off is looming?  Take a breath a minute and let's find some ways to help.  First off, in and around Muskegon, a call to 2-1-1 can be a great first step.  These programs are run through the state and while it might not be the easiest thing in the world to handle the paperwork, there are people who can help you every step of the way.  2-1-1- can guide you to the proper agency to help you out and get you in the right path.  We're talking over $1000 for people who might need some help catching up on what's owed.

Let's start with some program titles.  Personalized Service Protection.  Plans designed to provide customers with unique payment options.  Low Income Self Sufficiency Program for the most vulnerable customers, getting things squared away without turning off services. There are ways for you to get a hand getting current if you are behind and ways to help you not get behind again depending on your situation, but it all begins with a call to Health and Human Services through the state or 2-1-1 to get a part of the $20 Million dollars that is available until the end of September.  Add in all that DTE has done for schools, buying Chromebooks for kids to use.  Helping out food programs, helping small business with their needs for PPE and other things to get back up and running...again, "we're in this together" and DTE is showing by example exactly what a steward of all they keep in Michigan they are.  It's an incredible outreach.

Like any of our stories, we like to find those within the organization who are passionate about what they do and why, and did we ever find one in Cheryl Stafford!  She's been over this way on some of the previously mentioned events but today, we linked up digitally and she's laying it all out there for you, but again...act quick.  Get this ball rolling for you and yours, because you have until the end of September to make these things happen.  Take a listen to our talk. 



Cheryl knows things! It's good to have Cheryl!  Cheryl gets the camera time but the call to DTE...that's up to you!  We've gone over how remarkably helpful they can be for just about anyone's situation and as Cheryl explained, you might not think you qualify and you might not think it's for you....but how will you know if you don't at least call?  It's simple, it's a great way to see the philanthropic arm of an amazing company that goes all out for Michigan and I'going to circle back one more's the most reaffirming use of "we're in this together" that's come along since all this hit!  1-877-477-4747.  Get with DTE and get the assistance being offered, after all, we're in this together, right?  For more on DTE, visit their website linked below.  


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