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There may be some bias in this one, because I love Pioneer Resources.  I pretty much love any place that helps those who are considered to have a limitation and gives them the opportunity to be equal to anyone by investing in them and finding ways to help them learn to be self sufficient through the work that they do and helping others understand that there is so much more to their mission than just giving people a way to be trained for a skill.  No, what Pioneer Resources does is help people who were once in their own little group fit in with the rest of us, and educates the "rest of us" on the fact that it was us who needed to learn a little more in most cases.  We all have incredible gifts, it's in the understanding of them that we can all find our strength.


andy lukeAndy and Luke LewisWe here at the Muskegon Channel have someone on from Pioneer Resources, his name is Luke Lewis and he's our announcer for our live show, when they come back finally.  We've known Luke for a long time and when Pioneer suggested that Luke's acting was calling a little louder, and that they thought maybe it was something he could make a living at, without a second thought, we said, being him on!  Luke's acting was mostly on stage up to that point, but with the help of his great teachers at Pioneer and Luke's drive and dedication, he picked up on voice over acting in a heartbeat and we couldn't have been happier for the guy!  He's a rock star and if you ever get the chance to see him in a play, take it.  He's just awesome.  Luke is one story of many that Pioneer Resources has but he's the one we're closest to and we're always proud to share it. hats and horses logoEvent Tickets - Auction Items - Hat Contest and More!

With that, we're of course on board to help out their big fundraiser.  It was supposed to be back in May, at the Kentucky Derby time, but like anything else, you guessed it, postponed and now virtual.  It is what it is, but it also doesn't take away one bit of the importance of the work or the people that are served by Pioneer Resources.  As you may imagine, they have a Kentucky Derby theme, the event itself is called Hats and Horses and it's being held over a week online culminating with an online presentation on September 5th immediately followed by a live drawing for their big raffle prizes like a wheelbarrow full of booze, their amazing silent auction items and more.  We wanted to get the word out early as the auction, with buy it now options goes live on August 30th as do some of the other fun things that accompany the party, like the opportunity to purchase a DATE NIGHT BOX to celebrate with during the virtual event, the BEST HAT CONTEST, after all, we're talking Kentucky Derby here, their APPAREL AND ITEM SALE and more.  It's a great way to assure that their vital work continues and we prove once again that Muskegon fills the need when the cause is so important.  Som of the event sponsors include ThrivePop!, Parmenter Law, Grover Carpentry, Ramos and Sons Auto Body and UBS.

Jill Bonthuis is the Executive Director of Pioneer Resources and we met up just outside of their office on the shores of Muskegon Lake to talk about the event and the work.  It's been a minute since we've been down, so we had a little catching up to do about the home they built for independent living which we covered a while ago, but we get right to it about Hats and Horses, take a listen!





Wee doggie!  (That was in my best cowboy voice).  It's an awesome group with an awesome mission to serve those who deserve the same we all have.  Of the thought of the "same" it's not's just to be included and to have their skills, talents and contributions on the same playing field as anyone else's.  As Jill said, so many think of Pioneer Resources when they see the transportation system they operate around town, but those are the branches and leaves of a tree.  The trunk and roots are the people and the families who are deeply enriched by the loving work that goes into all that happens.  Make sure you are a part of the virtual Hats and Horses event and if you can't make that, do a little something by way of a donation if ya can.  This is one part of what makes Muskegon as strong as it is.  We're so proud to help support their work. Learn more about Pioneer Resources by clicking below. 

pioneer resources